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Throw Me to the Wolves – Blog Tour

Some evil wants to live forever.

Ten years a go a witch sacrificed Britta Orchid’s and turned her into a werewolf. Selena Stone’s spell failed, and she was never seen again. Until now.


My Review

I feel like urban fantasy has been out here doing the work of the universe. I’ve read some great urban fantasy the past couple of years, and especially this year or so.

To start off, I’ll admit; I’m a werewolf girl. Like everyone loved vampires in my group of peeps, I was the one who was team werewolf lol. SO. I am biased in being excited for this just on having werewolves.

This was dark magic, werewolves, and a murder mystery.

I really liked from the start that this was a female werewolf with a possible human love interest, it was a nice change up from the norm of what I’ve read.

Britta is unrelenting, stubborn…brittle maybe, see what I did there? She was quite an interesting character to read about, though I did find it odd to see her views on her ‘condition.’ I liked that she saw it as a curse, and that there were talks of a pack; also loved where the pack was located!

Knowing there’ll be more books, I hope that this will show more of the pack. I never give spoilers so I won’t say anything but the Alpha certainly intrigued me given his origins.

Britta though isn’t with her pack, she’s back in the town of Vinton, Louisiana where her family was brutally murdered and where she was ‘cursed.’ She’s been asked to come back to possibly identify the killer but it turns out to be more and less than that.

Arriving, there’s no body to identify and there’s more of a mystery to solve than previously assumed, and Britta stays to see it through with the help of a possibly swoon worthy rookie cop named Aaron.

I thought the pacing for this was great, it was a very easy flow to read and it just never lost steam. Turned out to be something I read in a sitting really.

The setting was, well. I have a very hate/hate relationship with North Louisiana so West Louisiana wasn’t exactly something I was excited for but I at least could visualize pretty well haha.

Actually, the setting annoyed me the most. I know small towns in those rural areas of Louisiana are sparse, but…there are super pale people all over that state, being in Louisiana doesn’t mean you get an automatic tan so when it kept being pointed out that she stuck out cause no one else was that pale; it was weird. Same with the fact she wore all black. There are goths all over this world, no matter climate. This is not something that should be focused on so much in the book. People would look at her because she was either A) a stranger in a small town or B) that chick whose family got murdered. I don’t think her being pale and dressing in all black would have been quite the ruckus.


Overall, I enjoyed the pacing, I liked that Britta intrigued me even if I didn’t like her more than other characters, and I loved that this had some mystery vibes!

I would say you can definitely expect me to be keeping an eye open for the next book.

Give me more werewolves, please.

3.5/5 Cups of coffee from me! Thank you to Black Crow (PR) and the publisher Black Spot Books for an eARC in exchange for my honest review.

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A Caffeinated Reader and Musician, destined to write lacklustre book reviews with the over-ample amount of free time.

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