Sci-Fi July

This month. You might note this post is super late but is still posted as the first of this month because…I wanted to, lol I’ll wrap up what I read in another post.

Why Sci-fi July?

Sci-fi is a great love of mine that I’ve been neglecting (much like my mysteries and thrillers) and I actively wanted to try and knock some books out for this genre this month so I dedicated basically the whole month to it. Excluding an eARC or two lol.

So! I have a month of Scifi books slated, and I’m now here to give you a few recs as I constantly do for this genre and will constantly keep re-recommending some lol.

Reading Recommendations

(Now this was just super creative idea imo so I’ve put it on this list!)

Now for the ones I always recommend lol

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