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^^I had so many problems with this book, it’s just not for me^^




^^Another one that wasn’t for me but this wasn’t problematic like Never Have I Ever ^^




















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^^ Review to come ^^





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^^Review to Come^^


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Again, I was so so so honored to have been nominated in the Book Blogger Awards, but a HUGE congrats to the winners and of course the other nominees!

Edinburgh’s [International] Book Festival was great, and I would really like to go to again next year, so fingers crossed!

I’m trying to work out train fare for the Jay Kristoff event in Glasgow next week but if I can’t go, well, I’ll just give my ticket to someone who can!

Still waiting on our house, we may get it before I turn 31, but since that’s in October…I mean, maybe not, maybe by the time I’m 40. *Insert a lot of cursing in various langauges here* But I am still hopeful about moving!

So this month I got to see Holly Black for the first time, along with Joanne Harris and Alexander McCall Smith and saw Samantha Shannon a second time!

Also! I got my first two books from Orbit Books UK and I feel so special!!!!! AND

If you all notice, I really love Canongate Books, they’re one of my favorite publishers and they made me their August Blogger of the month!

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The Tag of Rage and Sorrow

Hey guys, Krisha did this really fun tag in honor of Rage and Sorrow coming out in September! She also has a great review of it up!


  • Link back to the original creator’s post (Krisha @Bookathon )
  • Tag your friends to do the tag
  • Have fun and read this beautiful series!


ESMAE: A Book/Character which empowered you and made you feel strong

Maité Martinez in Off Planet was so strong and just refused to give in. I don’t mean simply physically but her heart, she goes through so much and she continues to do so, one day at a time in this amazing book.


ALEXIE AND BEAR: A Duology you recommend with all your heart

I haven’t read a duology yet, but technically I’ve started and since I’ve really enjoyed the first book, We Hunt the Flame I’ll go ahead and recommend Sands of Arawiya.


MAX: A Book which made you feel seen 

Anne of Green Gables, in the era before stubborn redhead characters, there weren’t a lot of us gingers on the scene and so when I read this as a child, I fell in love. Anne was a redhead, a dreamer, someone who loved to read and write and I felt like finally someone had written a book for kids like me when I was young.


TITANIA: A Book/Character which was witty and made you laugh 

He’s not exactly ‘witty’ but he’s droll enough for me to be like ‘all the yes’ and that’s Okame from Shadow of the Fox. He cracks me up!


AMBA: A Book you ended up loving even though you were not sure about it 

The Golden One/The Alien Chronicles this book/this trilogy has my heart and soul. I wasn’t sure because I was just finding my love of reading when a very dear friend lent me the book(s). High sci-fi fantasy, thiiiiiick, and well, all my trepidation was cancelled out. I really don’t think I go one month without raving about this trilogy and thinking about Ampris, the Golden one herself.


KIRRIN: A Book you have mixed feelings about 

Storm Front by Jim Butcher. On the one hand, it was highly entertaining and I had fun reading it, on the other hand, I want to smack the author about and ask him why he was allowed to run rampant with his blatant sexism.  DAMN IT.


KYRA: A Book/Character which turned out to be disappointing

Stalking Jack the Ripper/Audrey Rose Wadsworth. Honestly, I thought this was going to be amazing, I was excited. If this hadn’t been a kindle book I would have tossed it across the room. Such good ideas but I could not stand the idea that in order for Audrey to be smart that she had to put down feminine traits. And DAMN THAT ENDING.


RADHA AND SYBILLA: A Book with great supporting characters/great team 

Crown of Feathers. All the Characters, all the scenes, all the things. Seriously, you have people you love, people you love to hate, and people that you just want to read more about!!!!! AND PHOENIXES!


All the people, but especially Kal because this is all her fault, I’m obsessed with A Spark of White Fire because of her.