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Ready Player One Review

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Hey Everyone! So, another review, I know, so many this week, it makes for a boring read. I’m sorry! But I’ll have a different sort of post tomorrow! I just really wanted to finish this so I could focus on my eARCs. [Especially Descendant of the Crane] Not to mention I really wanted to see what was going to happen next. I would say if I was giving it a harder look I’d give it a half instead of full rating on my last planet. And that’s because of a few issues that really just kind of kept jumping out at me. So, know, I enjoyed this 4/5 but I’m giving it 3.5/5 on this review so I can point out the flaws I think are important to note.

So here we go again, me being a cynic, but Parzival and Art3mis just didn’t gel well for me. I just feel like Art3mis felt more animosity than affection which is within her right all the way, but, it doesn’t make for a great romance when it’s like that through like 89% of the book.

Aech was definitely my favorite, I mean, hands down as their avatar and in real life, Helen was amazing. I also felt it was heartbreaking that in order to do well in even a virtual reality world, Helen became Aech and hid the color of her skin. But, the reasoning is sadly logical from the point of where her Mother was coming from in advising her to do that.

I freakin loved the 80s references, I’m an 80s baby which means my early life is plagued by 80s, and even now my hair naturally looks like I’m from an 80s hairspray commercial, which is…sad, but you know, what you can do. My nickname at Uni was Flashdance (no, I didn’t strip, I just like to wear legwarmers, probably could have paid off debt if I had decided to strip.)

But, let me break this down in my usual style.

– 80s, 80s everywhere
– The connection of living a slightly isolated life made me feel for the protagonist and his buds more.
– There is a sharp hint of today’s society in that our world is crumbling around us and we are seeking refuge in the only places we can. So good job Cline, and this has only gotten even more realistic since published in 2011.
– The OASIS is awesome, and I love the idea of having haptic chairs that can move and the treadmills as well, it makes for a much better visual of what it was like when you were reading
– Halliday at the beginning was amazing in his video to announce the contest, it made me want to go watch a Hughes movie
– Art3mis really kicked butt and was super smart (as long as we kept her away from Parzival where she then became either catty or mushy and it was, see this listed in the cons)
– Aech is a better friend than Parzival deserves
– It really captured how helpless the poor would have felt and once more it made sense why people would run to the Oasis.
– I loved that the red button at the end.
– Ogden was amazing, he has a dance club, let’s think about that, he loves to go jamming and DJing still.
– Did I mention 80s references galore?

-Parzival should have known how much the IOI were capable of, so I get angry that he put himself in such a dumb situation. This isn’t so much a con as me venting lol.
– Halliday being in love with Kira was such an eye roller, BUT I have to give credit, he didn’t tell Ogden or try to steal her, he just brooded in silence so that was nice.
– This didn’t need romance from the High Five peeps at all, this probably would have been a solid 4/5 without Parzival and Art3mis.
– ^ The romance also takes away from Art3mis being badass, and Parzival is useless in love, so, I’m glad Art3mis was stronger than him.
– We could have had more of Aech
– There were some distasteful jokes I didn’t care for.
– Uh…what was with very stereotyped and hyperfocus look at our two Japanese characters who we barely got to know but my god, Cline wanted you to be sure they were ‘really’ Japanese when they were in the book. Probably my biggest issue. It’s a vast culture, why pinpoint it to some small parts? Not to mention with all the Japanese pop culture references, there should have been more of them in general.
– I could have used more of Wade realizing just how lonely his life was outside the OASIS and what that exactly meant.


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I’m actually a big Ready Player One fan, although I have to say all the flaws you pointed out are very valid. Now that you’ve read the book, are you going to watch the movie? If you liked all the 80s stuff you’d probably have a good time, although, fair warning, the movie took more than its fair share of liberties with the book (although it would have been super boring to see a lot of the stuff, so it makes sense).

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I watched it tonight and couldn’t, so I watched the first hour and then skipped to the end battle, I loved that bit, but you are right! So many liberties!!! And to be honest I really really enjoyed this and in my mind it’s a four for me on how much I liked it 🙂

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So I know we kinda already talked about this on my post but I had to come back here and revisit it. Like you mentioned….I love the 80s so that was a huge plus for me. Like I verbally yelped over Voltron. I couldn’t help it. At the time I didn’t mind ths romance (this was about 4 years ago) but looking back I agree… unnecessary. I think I picked up on how lonely Wade was and why he really needed the Oassis because of his self-esteem issues but maybe that was me relating to him. Not sure. I liked the movie but didn’t love it. Definitely preferred the book but I do think critics were unecessarily harsh.

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I agree with you could feel his loneliness I think I was greedy and just wanted more of that, also I completely loved when he infiltrated IOI that part was so cool! And I didn’t know this, my husband told me, but Cline wrote the screen play which actually surprised me!

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Maybe! I know whatever problems I had with the film turned out to usually be the key changes of plot, not so much the style of the filming which was actually pretty pleasant, hopefully if there’s a sequel film after the sequel book, he’ll accept more of a backseat role

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I absolutely love this book but I definitely agree on the romance between Parzival and Art3mis part. I feel like the romance was introduced so people that were less interested in either gaming or the 80s had something to look forward too?

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It’s been years since I’ve read this but being an eighties child as well, I absolutely loved it! Looking back, I can’t even remember there being a romance, that’s how insignificant it must have been. I haven’t seen the movie as yet but have just bought it on Blu Ray to watch. I’d be interested to see what you think of Armada, it’s as though he’s recycled RPO and spat it back out with even more eighties references. Wonderful review!

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I actually wasn’t even born yet in the 80s, so a lot of the references flew over my head (in spite of my geek dad’s best efforts to indoctrinate his kids, aka me and my brother) 😅 but I did love the vibe!

honestly, I wasn’t convinced by the romance either; it just worked out all too conveniently and not very organically? could be the time skips, but yeah. I wasn’t a big fan. and I had a lot of the same other issues that you did (especially including some of the humor and the exotifying of Daito and Shoto) … I also noped out after about twenty minutes of the movie just because I didn’t really like the art style or progression, welp 🤷‍♀️


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