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World Book Day 2019

[This is a day late due to me forgetting until yesterday that well, March 7 was World Book Day and I already had a post scheduled lol]

If you saw my last Charity Shop Finds post, my mini already had used her book token and was so excited to get to pick out her book! Honestly, I don’t get mushy often, okay well I do on here but in real life, I’m true soulless Ginger, but it does make my heart swell to see her so happy over a book.

Of course, not all children get that opportunity.

I count the stars on how lucky I am to have had my daughter surrounded by great libraries and live in places were literacy is a problem we have at least the tools to solve. [because don’t be fooled, literacy rates are a problem in places you’d never imagined along with some that are assumed.]

My goal here isn’t to talk about me or my adorable little butterbean of a child, it’s to ask you all to think about what you can do to help promote literacy programs that can make a difference. I’ll let them do the talking this post and I hope to talk about these again before a year rolls around again, I don’t want the only time this is spoken about to be on World Book Day or Literacy Day, it should be thought of by us on more than just those days but it’s great that we have them.

It’s not always about money, you can donate books (some new only some gladly will take our beloved but no longer wanted books), or time as well! I tend to donate to Better World Books as they support the Scottish Literacy Trust, but, most importantly, they have a donation station within walking distance.

Here are programs that you can look into:
USA: Room to Read
USA: Save the Children

UK: National Literacy Trust
UK: The Children’s Literacy Charity

INTL: Book Aid International
INTL: World Literacy Foundation
INTL: Proliteracy International Projects[This one also has a focus on Adult literacy and in their native language]

There we go, check out these programs, I hope one or some catch your eye and you know what, you don’t have to go throwing money you don’t have, maybe just try to get the word out, or maybe see what you can even do locally if you think there’s something to be done. It doesn’t always take much time and money to make a difference especially if everyone just gives a little.

Happy World Book Day, remember #readingispower and shouldn’t everyone be able to have that power?


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25 replies on “World Book Day 2019”

I love love love that you put sites where you can donate books. Having put 15 years of my life in urban education I have seen first hand how horrendous access to books are for children. Thank you for creating this post with these links. I’m going to reblog!

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It is a complete disgrace. It is part of why I blog. I wish I could be a cultural literacy consultant. But I know part is financial and part is reluctance to put actual real-world topics in teenage hands which is despicable. Then they say the kids can’t read. BS. Give them agency and choice with books that are mirrors and watch what happens. Ok sorry.. gonna stop now.

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EXACTLY!!! This is my point. Omg give them Allegedly by Tiffany Jackson. They know what the Juvenile system is like (unfortunately) and The Hate U Give.. and my God they fear This is Where it Ends EVERY DAY they come to school. I mean seriously. Do people think ignoring these issues and sticking with freaking and mice of men is helping?

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I think the classics are great but they gave to be balanced and there is nothing wrong with giving them more to connect to on their level, they need to know there are books out there they can relate too, books that help them feel heard and seen

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Yes seriously. I got one high school to give me one semester with one chance to do book clubs with books of my choosing. I kid you not there was a junior they swore could not read above Elementary level. He finished The Hate U Give. And I know he did because it was way before the movie and he talked to me about it in ways he could not have if he didnt read it. He ran to the principal and told her it was the first book he finished in his life. I.mean what more do you need to see?

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Yup. I had to take a step back for at least a year and reevaluate…. well that was not the only reason why as some in the blogosphere know. But I was sick of being given lip service in interviews and then shackled on the job.

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any middle grade books that land in my path and instantly send to a friend who teaches that agerange as i know how difficult it can be for young readers to have this kinda accessto books!! shes v thankful for them. awesome poist andi hope people have found out new info for their areas bc of it

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Aww ! So cute your little one love to read, my friend did tried with hers but her two boys just didn’t cared..
That’s a nice initiative! At my work, a coffee shop, we have a free little library where people can take and leave books – used to be the same ones for quite a while but definatey seeing new ones nowadays, I unhauled 3 there myself 🙂

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awwww mini is indeed an “adorable little butterbean of a child” – I love hearing about how excited she gets about books, it warms my cold dead heart 😜 and thank you so much for sharing these programs! I keep meaning to look for local/national organizations that I can donate to since I’ve been lucky enough to have access to lots of books (and now, even some print ARCs) but I know not everyone has the same privilege, and I do believe that every little bit can help 💕

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