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The Godborn and the King eARC Review

Thrown into a world of claws and flame, Lyana and Rafe must work together to survive.


My Review

Before I get started here are my reviews for the other three!

Here we go, the finale. I wasn’t ready for this. Honestly, I’m pretty attached to this series and I was faced with the last book and just … it was hard to start it knowing I would say goodbye lol.

I’ve grown to love and know this cast of crazy characters and I think that Davis gives them such a great send off.

I wasn’t sure how we were going to go after the resolution of the arc with Malek last book and I mean after THAT ending, who knew what was in store for Lyana and Rafe?

Chaos. Pure and utter chaos.

Lyana and Rafe are now on the other side of the rift, the prophecy isn’t quite fulfilled and the world is still on the edge of impending doom.

I won’t lie, I really enjoyed Cassi and Xander’s chapters this time, more than before but my favorites will always be Lyana’s and Rafe’s for POVs.

Though we get to know Brighty more I just don’t know if I can really call her a favorite of mine but I know I definitely think she’s a great character. I may enjoy Cassi’s chapters but man, I still hold some resentment toward her antics lol so it’s great seeing a better character morally but realize I still like this more gray area.

The pacing is a little slower to build but I think that’s okay, the action starts off right away it’s just a matter of it going somewhere and it takes a while for the characters and the reader to figure out which way things are going.

The writing style is still the very easy and enjoyable and heart wrenching style I’ve come to associate with Davis, so there’s that for a plus!

I won’t lie, I read this book in like one sitting practically; it was intense.

I needed to know how this would all end and Davis gave such a satisfying ending. Now! Why did this get four stars instead of five? I felt like we were lacking on this ‘big bad’ for this book, I felt a little underwhelmed by how easily half of it resolved (but omg that lady who I will not name who stabbed the person I will not name; UNFORGIVABLE).

The other half certainly didn’t resolve easily or even really satisfactorily in that one small regard so that was a bit of a ‘oh well’ moment. BUT I cannot stress how much I loved all the rest. I did like getting more backstory for Cassi though and even her Mom so I was all for these new characters and this little arc being introduced.

Lyana and Rafe have done their duties, their friends have done all they can as well. For so long this ragtag group has worked to save the world and now that their stories are over, I feel nothing but love and the desire to start the quartet all over lol.

Aside from that one complaint, this book was such a great wrap-up. I adored it.

4/5 Cups of coffee. Thank you SO much to Kaitlyn Davis for an eARC of this book to read in exchange for my honest review. I can honestly say this holds a pretty special place in my heart having read the eARCs from start to finish with this series.


The Godborn & The King is out on May 25th!

There’s still time to preorder and if you do, you can score some gorgeous character cards.

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