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The Genesis Wars ARC Review

It’s been ten months since Nami narrowly escaped the Four Courts and Ophelia’s wrath.


My Review

Buzz Week Post for Book 1:

Review for Book 1:


Now for the actual review.

The ending of book one had me shook, so it was nice to get into this again.

Or so I thought.

Why did I think she would leave us unscathed?! WHY.

Alright, so, props to Nami becoming some warrior elite since last book. She’s no longer as naive as she thinks, but, you can see this is going to be something important to the story; Nami struggling with this anger in contrast to her instinctive kindness.

We get to see so much more of Infinity! We get to see another court aside from Victory and more the land between and a bit beyond!

I loved Nix, our feline on the cover, hands down probably my favorite character. I won’t say anymore on that.

Anyway, Name is in the Borderlands trying to convince those there that humans are worth the fight, that they can be worth saving as can the Borderlands itself, it’s supposed to be a safe haven. Unfortunately little can go well for Nami, they won’t go to war and it’s here we see so much more of her anger brewing.

Eventually, Nami can’t stay in the Borderlands, she has her people to go help after they were captured in the first book.

We’ve seen the Colony and the Borderlands, but now Nami is in search of the Rebellion, or anyone who can help her really.

Our Prince of Victory is of course still my favorite ‘humanoid’ character and that didn’t change. He was fantastic every time he showed up in this book.

Now that I’m done gushing….

The pacing was a very slow start to this book. I think it probably took me until almost page 200 to really find myself really enthralled. But once I did, I read the rest of the book in one sitting. I needed answers and I needed to see how this was going to play out!

Nami also felt a little stilted this time, I would say her development was put on hold a little for us to understand her headspace. She couldn’t grow until she understood herself more.

The world-building was entirely 5/5 though. We had so much more to understand and see and I was absolutely loving it!

The ending of this book was just…AHHHHHH.


I can’t wait to see how this is going to go for book three, like, Idk how I am meant to be patient. HOW AM I MEANT TO WAIT?!

4/5 HUGE cups of coffee from me! Thank you so much to the publisher for sending me a copy early in exchange for my honest review! And HAPPY PUB DAY!

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