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The Infinity Courts – Buzz Week

May be an image of text that says 'THE INFINITY COURTS BUZZ WEEK FEBRUARY 6TH- 12TH, 2021 A week of giveaways, character reveals, author Q&As, and more. Mark your calendars.'
Graphic by Akemi Dawn Bowman

Today is my day for The Infinity Court Buzz Week! It’s also Charvi’s day and I’m so excited her and I share the day! (If her link isn’t up her now, it will be at some point today)

Here’s the schedule for Buzz Week

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Graphic by Akemi Dawn Bowman

Why am I doing this? Because I definitely signed up to be part of Akemi Dawn Bowman’s street team ASAP when I found out this book was going to be scifi, also, she’s one of my favorite authors, lol, anyway! Point is I signed up because I was too excited NOT too. For my Buzz Post today I’m going to share my The Infinity Courts inspired Pinterest board and a small piano piece I wrote. Here we go!

The Pinterest board!!

If you click on it to see it on the pinterest page, it’s organized into three sections. Character inspired, clothing inspired, places & things (which could mean creatures and other ‘living’ things as well). The things in Infinity and Victory were inspired by Scifi elements of Star Wars, Final Fantasy, and some dystopia/utopia things for me as I read the book.

The Music

(This may turn out to be a violin suite, three pieces, but for now I did a small piano composition. Yes I know, a couple of the chords are basically an impossible stretch but I’m also just doing this for fun lol) This was inspired by the book and also the music of Final Fantasy…obviously no where near Final Fantasy but I mean the feeling/a VERY slight ambiance similar to it.

The Book

The Infinity Courts (The Infinity Courts, #1)

Click here for GoodReads link


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