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Harry Potter Book Night & The Week Ahead

So, I’m dead tired, I’m actually leaning back in the recliner and my head is dangling off the side of it as I type this. Does it sound uncomfortable? Well, it is.

Today at our library was Harry Potter Book Night, and the event was so much fun for my daughter! They had a man come in to explain some creatures, and she got to pet the cutest and largest snake I’ve ever seen in my life, and I was so proud of her as she is usually the type to shy away from anything not fluffy [she was even excited to see the tarantula!]. She also got make a winged key and a dragon egg and spent probably two hours doing everything so it was a nice Sunday for us. I wish her school would have done something for it as well but I’m super happy that our library did and I basically screamed ‘take my money’ at them when they announced they were.

I’m chugging along with bookstagram, the blog, and still….still progressing through the ARCs.

I’ve got two ARCs for this week plus The Priory of The Orange Tree extract I got from NetGalley, and then that’s it I’m taking a week break so I can go through my monthly Agatha Christie and reading the follow-up book toΒ The Axeman’s Jazz; Dead Man’s Blues.

There’ll be at least one review post this week, and I’ll do a list of my top Dystopia picks tomorrow. Speaking of Dystopia novels, anyone have a favorite in that genre?

That’s it, there’s my post, I’m going to go to bed now, lol toodles everyone!

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10 replies on “Harry Potter Book Night & The Week Ahead”

I love this Harry Potter night! It sounds super cute. Is this a regular thing?

Dystopias are my jam, bread, and butter, so I have too many to narrow down, buuuut Brave New World, the Handmaid’s Tale, or The Chrysalids are amazing for more classic Dystopias. But more recent dystopias I love are The Gracekeepers, The Chimes, Good Morning Midnight, and Station Eleven. All of them have their own unique charm to it.

Is it a world drowned in water? Technology/pleasure? Religious dominance and female submission? Dystopias have that.

Or maybe you’re looking for strange psychic farm children or traveling bards? Dystopias have those too. Ugh, I love them.

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omg HP Book Night sounds super fun and super cute! your daughter’s so lucky to have you to nurture her as a reader and fan – my parents did the same, so I can say from experience that it makes all the difference πŸ’–

I’ve mostly stopped reading dystopia because I spend more time with YA than adult books, and there’s a lowkey aggravating sameness to YA dystopian novels, so I don’t really have any recs for you there πŸ˜… maybe The Hunger Games, if it counts? idk. good luck with the ARCs! πŸ€

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