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Cutting Down on Blog Tours



So this may or may not be the a discussion post you can relate to but it’s something I wanted to ‘announce’ & discuss today.

Blog Tours.

Some of you have seen me go crazy with them, I mean I went and stayed crazy with them, sometimes having two on the same day by accident due to so many sign ups that I had no strength to ignore.


Covid made me realize that I was not only burning out on them the past few months, not wanting to really do them at all, but, it was hindering my massive TBR. Seriously, so many books. I know you all can relate.

I’ve discovered some AMAZING books because of these tours, there’s absolutely no denying that, but I also said yes to so many that quite a few subpar books that I would never had read on my own also made their way into my read shelves on GR.

What does all this mean?

Your Caffeinated Reader is tired and in need of a change.

The Blog Tours have been a great way for me to focus on a monthly TBR but I am seriously cutting down.

July will be busy, but I am proud of myself, I added books that I knew I would love and add to my TBR regardless instead of just saying yes to every book. Not to mention 4/6 the six blog tours are books I have NG and some I may have already have, they’ve been my favorite authors, my autobuy people and some MG reads I wanted to check out for the spawn.

Before you all go ‘Haley, six is not cutting down’ as I said, four are NG reads anyway, and the fifth one is a novella, so that leaves ONE that I really just tossed in for kicks and giggles.

From now on I will only be doing books that are already on my radar or fit my TBR/read shelves so I’m not saying yes to everything. I’ve also adjusted the tours I work with in the past month, if I’ve made commitments already I’ll carry those out and then step back from some of the tour companies, others are tried and true fave tour organizers that I’ll continue to work with when I have the opportunity.

What does having less blog tours mean?

More discussion posts, more focus on Indie Spotlights, and best of all,  more focusing on my TBR. I read so many owned books the past couple of months and I have never been happier in my reading, and I’ve happily balanced these with ARCs and eARCS, overall I’m really happy with this decision I’ve made.

What about you all? Do you do blog tours? Or is there something in your life you’re trying to cut down or make more time for to make you happier? Let me know in the comments!

I’m off to go read Wicked Fox by Kat Cho, not for any other obligation other than because I want to read it.


Also my spawn wanted to make a blog image, so I let her, Don’t tell her I didn’t feature it, I’ll find a place for it, anyway this is what she wants you all to see, her creation

Reading is magical and reading is for everyone.png

By TheCaffeinatedReader

A Caffeinated Reader and Musician, destined to write lacklustre book reviews with the over-ample amount of free time.

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Awww love the image from spawn and I’ve done one blog tour to date on my blog. That was for a Chloe Neill book (are we surprised though? not really haha) I’ve never been a fan of blog tours myself personally on my blog, as I prefer to focus on discussion posts and other types of content. Eeek lemme know your thoughts on Wicked Fox!!! I read it…earlier this year (lmao was about to say last year what are dates).

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