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I was tagged by @Clo! And I’m gonna do this tag before I forget it!

Name/Blog Name

Haley and my blog name is The Caffeinated Reader….like the url says, not that I’m judging if you didn’t know.


Grand old age of 19…I’ll be 20 this year which is slightly terrifying. No one said adulting would be so…not fun. Having said that I am happy my age is an odd number at the moment.

I am DYING. Clo has very kindly pointed out that I did not change my answer on this one. And, shockingly guys, I’m not 19. I am OLD, think of me as a fossil, a 31 year old fossil.

Favourite Genre

Scifi or Fantasy? Or like they’re kinda pushed in together, but I love a good space opera or medieval quest gang. I think that I tend to favor Scifi when I think of books I love but, then I realize I read probably more fantasy, bah idk.

Favourite Male Author

I think Philip Pullman. I would have said Orson Scott Card once upon a time buuuuut well, haha, nope not anymore. I absolutely love Pullman’s His Dark Materials and his newer books stemming off that.

Favourite Female Author

Ahh there are so many to choose from, but, I’ll just say Tamora Pierce for now, her fantasy books really drew me into the fantasy world, and though I love Harry Potter, I don’t love JK, so, Tamora Pierce has become my main answer on this for now. I do love some new authors now, like Natasha Ngan, all thanks to diversifying my reading!

Forever Favourite(s)

Harry Potter, Alien Chronicles, any Tamora Pierce, Inkheart trilogy, Mortal Instruments, Midnight on the Orient Express, And Then there were None, Where are the Children,  Girls of Paper and Fire, Girls of Storm and Shadow, A Spark of White Fire, and House of Rage and Sorrow, The Uglies [the trilogy], The Gemma Doyle trilogy, The Return of King Lillian, Kingdom of Souls, House of Salt and Sorrows, and Crown of Feathers, Winternight Trilogy, Alien Chronicles, Oremere Chronicles, Shadow of the Fox, Soul of the Sword, The Hunger Games, The Ice House, The Beekeeper of Aleppo, and like a billion others but I’ll stop there, wanted to mix the new and the old.

What Was Your First Book Of 2019? How Did You Like It?

It was A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, I mean I like dit alright, but it took me forever to read and I really just wanted to be done with it by the end lol, I’m still salty we have no new GoT books.

What Was Your Last Book Of 2019? How Did You Like It?

Through the Water Curtain edited by Cornelia Funke, and I really liked it, it was a collection of different fairytales, not as well known as the ones I grew up with which made it all that much better.

What Do You Look For In A Book/What Makes It Really Stand Out For You?

oh man, that’s a hard one, I would say I really need a diverse set of characters, not just in the general sense but in their personalities and their setbacks. I like them flawed and with FEELING. Also, I love a great plot!

Do You Collect Any Particular Sets/Editions Of Books?

I do, and I wish I didn’t, I am like throwing my money at all the pretty editions of books that I want/like. I think I mostly focus on Harry Potter editions for like sheer amount, my own editions when they were first published, my spawn’s UK paperback editions which are hers lol not mine, illustrated editions, and the house editions.

Favourite Place To Read

Couch or my bed, only two places to really read right now in the new place anyway!

Do You Prefer eBooks, Audiobooks Or Physical Books? Hardbacks Or Paperbacks?

I switch between eBooks and physical, for, like, the weight I do prefer holding a paperback over a hardcover, but I love the look of hardcovers more! I would say I’m pretty diverse, I just can’t focus on audiobooks though I’m wanting to try more to this year.

Do You Keep Books You Didn’t Like, Or Get Rid Of Them?

Uh, sometimes I keep them because I’m like a hoarder but I will usually, eventually, donate them. Or sometimes I sell them! But I would say 90% go to donation.

Which Literary Character Best Defines You/Do You Best Relate To?

Uh, like, I cannot think of an answer for this. I think I probably most identify with Daine from Wild Magic, there was always something not only stubborn but so reactive about her that I connected with from the start.






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A Caffeinated Reader and Musician, destined to write lacklustre book reviews with the over-ample amount of free time.

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