Favorite Historical Fiction Books: The Second Half of 2019

Hey guys! Check out some of my favorite historical fiction picks from July onwards of this year! Clicking on the picture takes you to the GoodReads link, clicking on the title takes you to my review!   6. The Last Word 1861. Miss Lucinda Leavitt is shocked when she learns the author of her favorite… Continue reading Favorite Historical Fiction Books: The Second Half of 2019

Swords of Silence – ARC Review

GoodReads: Where once new ideas and beliefs were accepted, now the country‚Äôs military dictator, the Shogun, is shutting his country down to any outside influences. Father Joaquim Martinez, who left Portugal to make Hizen Province, Japan, his home, has been tending quietly to the lives of his villagers, but everything is about to be thrown… Continue reading Swords of Silence – ARC Review