Reading Portal Co & PrettyGal Pins Once Upon a Broken Heart Unboxings

Reading Portal Co Unboxing! It was a stunning unboxing! I also have gotten their Untethered Box and enjoyed that as well, and this one blew me away. I am IN LOVE with that Fox mug! (The fox toy on the shelf is from a Kinder egg lol) I loved the sprayed edges and it was […]

Book Review

Samantha Paris Illustrations Caraval Unboxing

Hey all, I’m back with another bookish candle unboxing! It’s the same company as the last time, but, now instead of being known as Elven Wick Candles, it’s Samantha Paris Illustrations! Yay! Let’s get started, I love Caraval and I only just read it this year…I feels like five years ago because of the […]