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Samantha Paris Illustrations Caraval Unboxing

Hey all, I’m back with another bookish candle unboxing! It’s the same company as the last time, but, now instead of being known as Elven Wick Candles, it’s Samantha Paris Illustrations! Yay!

Let’s get started, I love Caraval and I only just read it this year…I feels like five years ago because of the evil powers of 2020 but it was just this year lol. I became immediately obsessed so I was pretty happy to hear there was going to be a bookish candle box for this trilogy!


Not too shabby, right?! (Total understatement, these all smell freakin’ amazing and the artwork is once again completely gorgeous!!)

Instead of leading up to it all, I just gave you all the pictures at once because this has been one hell of a week, ended on a good note election wise, but, still, it was stressful with that wait! ALSO for those interested, Samantha Paris Illustrations releases their Christmas Bookish Candle Box today! In about 40 min actually!

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