Reading Portal Co & PrettyGal Pins Once Upon a Broken Heart Unboxings

Reading Portal Co Unboxing!

It was a stunning unboxing! I also have gotten their Untethered Box and enjoyed that as well, and this one blew me away. I am IN LOVE with that Fox mug! (The fox toy on the shelf is from a Kinder egg lol) I loved the sprayed edges and it was the first of my OUABH editions to not come damaged or defective so I was pretty damn happy about that lol. [20% of Proceeds of this went to National Breast Cancer Foundation since the book box shipped out in October.]

Anyway it came with the lovely mini pin hoop, the pin, fox mug, lovely sprayed edge edition, candle, breast cancer awareness bracelet, and the info card!

Pretty Gal Pins Unboxing

With this gorgeous box we got three pins (PrettyGal Pins), art print and bookmark (courtesy of Jemlin Creations) I loved the pink aesthetic of this, and this book was one of my top three releases of this year so I went crazy for it.

Look at all the pins together! (Except the lovely Iron and Ink design because her monthly pin was too large for this hoop so it went with my Caraval pins)

Apples pin is from Blissfully Bookish

Surprise Bonus Round: InkyFox Book’s Edition

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