Top Ten, er FIVE, Tuesday!

This meme is brought to you once again by ThatArtsyReaderGirl. And the theme is FIVE (I'm sure there are those that could come up with ten, but I'll stick to five like her)upcoming releases, that we may be on the fence about. Okay so, for upcoming releases, I have some books I got via Netgalley… Continue reading Top Ten, er FIVE, Tuesday!

Stalking Jack the Ripper

I did it, I finally grabbed it off my TBR list. Also, I picked the featured image from the French cover cause let's face it, it is totally awesome. So, what did I think? Three cups of coffee...or tea, depending on my mood...chocolate has caffeine in it so guess it could be hot chocolate too.… Continue reading Stalking Jack the Ripper

The Alienist

      Prior to the twentieth century, persons suffering from mental illness were thought to be “alienated”, not only from the rest of society but from their own true natures. Those experts who studied mental pathologies were therefore known as alienists. FIRST OFF Content/Trigger Warning: There are very graphic descriptions of the mutilations/violence/gore that… Continue reading The Alienist

WWW Wednesday

  I've decided to do another meme today, I JUST finished The Alienist and wrote down some thoughts on it so I'll have that review up tomorrow, give you all a few hours, this is mainly more for me to do right now to keep up with my own goal of blogging. Today's meme is… Continue reading WWW Wednesday

The Axeman’s Jazz

I FINISHED AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Sorry. I have so much to read and I felt myself dragging with this because well...because I think I like to be difficult even to myself. First off, I enjoyed this, I did, but I did also try to be a bit more analytical in my reading so that I'm not always… Continue reading The Axeman’s Jazz