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Kingdom of the Cursed Review

One sister.

Two sinful princes.

Infinite deception with a side of revenge…Welcome to Hell.


My Review

My Review for Book 1

Ah, so, we get back to my favorite demon.

Wrath is a character I would fight for lol, I love him so much. I do like Emilia but I do find I prefer him and his court to her. In this book she loses a bit of the goodness that I enjoyed I don’t mean ‘oh no I don’t like that she’s morally grey’ I mean she’s lost her way which isn’t a bad thing but her lack of focus in Hell was a little disorientating.

She’s gone through so much to get to Hell and find out what happened to her sister only to kind of forget to actually look into her sister’s death. It was just one of those things that could take you out of the book. Emilia certainly reiterated all the time how she needed to find out what happened to her sister but she didn’t do much.

That being said, I loved watching her and Wrath develop more. And I think changing the setting to Hell was actually a huge improvement.

The tension that is built between these two is just *chef’s kiss* but the pacing does feel disjointed with how little seems to be happening at times and then so much crammed in so little time too, it’s odd lol.

That being said, getting to know the courts of Hell, seeing more of the princes and having new side characters introduced all made me super happy.

So, this book isn’t much of a mystery book as the first, there’s some small developments and there are some DEFINITE answers given at the end but it’s not really the main focus.

I think Emilia’s own development and her interactions with Wrath are the focus and the steamy parts are just amazing between them. Ugh. Glorious, just the ticket to make me want them to be together forever, dang it!

Emilia is still a pretty bad detective, haha she actually may be worse this time around but I loved seeing her reaction as she realized what we’ve known all along as far as Wrath goes, and then THAT ENDING.



4/5 Cups of coffee from me. I didn’t mind the lack of movement on the overall arcing plot because I was so happy with the tension building and that ending. (I have so much to say on that lol)

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