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Street Team ‘Not’ Sunday

Okay I know, it’s not Sunday. But maybe I’ll change my mind and shift this post to a Sunday instead of……. *had to run and check the calendar* Tuesday. But this was exciting and I wanted to post about it now.

Cassia sensed Lio’s magic in her mind, felt him within her, as if he were reaching for her sinking heart and catching it before it drowned.

“Mmm.” Her eyelids slid half-closed. She turned inward, reaching for him with her thoughts. “I had no idea we could come this close any time.”

He held her close, mind and body. “Our nearness knows no borders, my rose. Nothing can come between us.”

He eased deeper into her thoughts. She let out a little moan and parted her lips.

“Oh, that is a sweet invitation.” He took it and kissed her.

The embassy and Tenebra and everything else disappeared from her thoughts. There was only Lio’s tongue sliding between her lips and his warm, gentle mouth caressing hers. The happy sounds of the fair carried on nearby, and the spell lights twinkled beyond her eyelids, while the sensations of his kiss dazzled her.

Whoo! That’s a delicious teaser don’t you think? If you’re as excited as I am for more of Cassia and Lio! Preorder Blood Sanctuary Part 1 today! 

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If you’re new to the world of Hesperines! Start with Blood Mercy today! 

Perfect for fans of :

*Epic Fantasy

*Forbidden Romance 


*Fated Mates 

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