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Welcome, welcome to Finale. All games must come to an end…


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I read Finale…*checks calendar for final time* also last May.

*stares at self*

Well! We had a lot to take in with Legendary and now Finale is just a hit the ground running finale, get it, finale? Anyway. The Fates are running wild and giving no Fs, there’s a sort of battle royale thing going on within their ranks and really I was just happy to have Jacks back so I was like ‘let ’em loose, who cares’ (but it would be a lie to say I wasn’t invested in that storyline as well, and it all ties into each other somehow, some way, which I won’t reveal because I don’t do spoilers.)

Tella’s tension with Legend is something I enjoyed reading and of course there’s Jacks and I actually always root for the bad boy/wrong one aside from Hunger Games (#TeamPeeta), but like, in this case I rooted for Jacks for me. I was like, yes sweet prince, turn real so you and I can be surly together and I’ll feed you apples.

Okay, wow. Sorry about that, I got weird and off topic. ANYWAY.

There’s a love triangle that was brewing in Legendary and really picks up in this novel. I liked it, and I thought it fit. Tella’s just so reactive that it’s easy to see how she’d end up in this triangle. BUT. What I did not see and not enjoy as much was the other love triangle going on. I ship Scarlett and Julian so this was just like a me screeching into the void as I watched Scarlett entertain the thought of the actual Count she was supposed to marry back in book one (though her feelings on why are valid, make no mistake).

Anyway, so two love triangles, but I enjoyed one more than the other admittedly. With Scarlett I was actually way more invested in what she was doing outside of the love triangle and I wish we could have had more chapters from her POV but I understood why we didn’t.

I really adore Garber’s writing style, I love the maps in the books, I love the lore, I love the characters, I guess I just did miss having more focus on say Scarlett and Julian and in a way I felt they needed it in this book for the little drama shake-up they were given. And I selfishly just always want more with them in it.

Once more I was totally invested in the Fates to the point where now looking back at it I recall more of that than I do the rest of the story but I did love the ending. I liked that everything wrapped up but at the same time Garber left so many doors open and NOW WE GET ONCE UPON A BROKEN HEART WHICH I ADORE. Also we get this lore and world-building not only expanded in this one but leading the way for this new book focused on Jacks.

4/5 HUGE CUPS OF COFFEE. GO FORTH AND READ THIS MAGNIFICENT BEAST IF YOU DARE (or you know don’t if it doesn’t appeal, I’m not here how to tell you how to live your life lol)

Have you read this? What did you think of it?

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