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Star Daughter Review

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If the night sky holds many secrets, it holds Sheetal Mistry’s secret the closest.

A secret that explains why her hair is the silver of starlight, or why some nights the stars call Sheetal by name.

Stars like her mother, who returned to her place in the constellation Pushya years ago. Since that day, Sheetal has been forced to hide.

But as her seventeenth birthday draws near, the pull from the sky is growing stronger. So strong that Sheetal loses control, and a flare of starfire burns her human father—an injury only a full star’s blood can heal.

Sheetal has no choice but to answer the starsong and ascend to the sky. But her celestial family has summoned her for a reason: to act as their human champion in a competition to decide the next ruling house of heavens.

Desperate to save her father, Sheetal agrees. But nothing could have prepared Sheetal to face the stars’ dark history—or the forces that are working to shut the gate between the realms for good.

My Review

Star Daughter has a gorgeous cover and the story blurb was definitely intriguing! Not to mention this was another book box book, so, I wanted to read it and keep on top of that least one TBR in my life. (…This was definitely a few months late but I did it dang it!)

Modern day setting, celestial beings and a teen with silver hair hiding a secret.

Sheetal is a strong presence in the book, an MC who carries her weight and has a lot of heart. She just wants to be normal, to try and get through school, hang out with her cousin and crush, and to maybe be able to show what she’s capable of.

Of course, fate has a different plan.

In wanting to find out the truth, and in wanting to get answers about her life, Sheetal throws a wrench in her own cosmic fate and in order to save her dad, she has to ascend to the stars and ask for help.

Asking for help turns out to be competing in a competition to see what house of stars will rule/be head of the other stars. This part itself was actually the core of the story and though I enjoyed it, I wonder why Sheetal’s mom didn’t prepare her for it in whatever other ways she tried to prep her daughter. [Not saying what/how as to avoid spoilers]

The family dynamics were enjoyable and though the book was fun, there were a few things that didn’t mesh well with me. The competition kinda derailed this amazing world-building and took away from the development of Sheetal and her family, but it was important and served a purpose!

I can’t fault the gorgeous descriptions but I did feel we needed more direction in understanding the stars and how they lived, their houses/family, and overall culture.

The story’s ending was satisfying but again, I think I wanted more from the storyline and the subplots and though it was all done nicely it left me feeling slightly lacking which is why this was 3.5 instead of a full four. However, I would totally read another book by Thakrar and hope she’ll give us more insight to her world of celestial beings that she created. [Seriously the most gorgeous descriptions, and I want silver hair]

3.5/5 cups of hot chocolate from me!

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