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The Last Unicorn: Film VS. Book


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The unicorn lived in a lilac wood, and she lived all alone. So she ventured out from the safety of the enchanted forest on a quest for others of her kind. Joined along the way by the bumbling magician Schmendrick and the indomitable Molly Grue, the unicorn learns all about the joys and sorrows of life and love before meeting her destiny in the castle of a despondent monarch–and confronting the creature that would drive her kind to extinction…

My Review

Where do I start? This was such the perfectly written traditional fairytale and done in the sort of language that isn’t too flowery or ‘old’ for younger readers to enjoy. There’s a sort of whimsy that I just really enjoy in the old school style of fairytales, sometimes it’s just the plain brutality that makes me cackle, but in this case it was definitely the nostalgic feel of whimsy. Our last unicorn has a quest; to find the others, she wants to know if it’s truly possible to be the last unicorn and in this she gains a couple of travel companions, she faces the hardships of losing motivation, gains insight into what it is to be human, and eventually fulfills her quest.

That was such a long sentence…


The point is, is that it’s straight forward and simple, but it also still has compassion and love.

The ending always gets me in the movie and I’m so glad the movie ending wasn’t watered down as much as I had feared as I read this original ending.

Spawn and I enjoyed reading this together though the chapters were on the longer side, 5/5 cups of hot chocolate/coffee from us! Now onto the movie.



The Last Unicorn (1982) directed by Jules Bass, Arthur Rankin, Jr. •  Reviews, film + cast • Letterboxd



My Review

This is one of my favorite movies EVER. I’m such a huge fan of this cult classic. I’ve watched it SO. MUCH. Only a few movies really rival it, and most are also cult classics…very 80s oriented as well…aside from telling you all that I’m super old with this all, I’m also saying that reading the book after loving this movie so much was an event lol. But thankfully it was one that did not end with me realizing my movie was a pile of poo compared to the book. Also, every single time I watch this movie I get the few songs in it stuck in my head.

Schmendrik was a bit more of a butt in the book but with good reason and I was glad to have more of him in there, but I definitely approve of how they presented him in the movie, same goes for our dear Prince too. We got more of him in the book but I still didn’t feel cheated by the movie with the ‘lack’ of screen time with him as they utilized him in different ways.

So happy to say that this remains a movie favorite for me after reading the book and then watching this…yet again! 5/5 cups of hot chocolate for me!

The differences:

  • More Schmendrik and Prince background in the books
  • Prince plays bigger role in the books, there’s a prophecy about him
  • The town ‘below’ the castle is an important role in the book but not featured in the movie.
  • The Unicorn may have had a tad more compassion in the movie before she’s transformed at the castle.
  • Red Bull isn’t nearly as scary in the book compared to the cartoon one that haunted my childhood nightmares.
  • Book had more of Madame Fortuna and her scene was a bit more..stretched out in ways that maybe didn’t matter at the end lol, so the movie made a good decision in adapting it how they did.

Final Verdict

Both Equally Terrifying! Huzzah! *Goes to grab teddy bear and hide under covers*

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