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5 Books I Wish Had Special Editions

I have been on a binge this last year collecting books, it’s been a bit of a problem in some ways, but it got me thinking that I wish there’d been these neat special editions when I was younger, I know, I sound so old just saying that, but I decided that I wanted to go ahead and put up five books I wish had special editions. Some are new books, some are old lol. And of course, some of these do have signed editions, but I’m extra and want all the extras, which goes with them all being signed in my dreams lol.


Book Cover

I would DEFINITELY want a special edition of this one! Now what do I wish it looked like? I would want it in hardback, and it would have the whole trilogy, gold gilded edges, red and and gold foiling on the dust jacket, art on the reverse of it featuring the three main characters, and gold foil embossing of Ampris’s silhouette on the naked cover. ❤


Book Cover

Another I would love, let’s see, how would I want it to be? Red raised foiling on the font, silver and shimmery foiling/glitter on the ice and palace, shimmery silver edges, and, hmm reverse art on the dust jacket of the inside of the palace.


Book Cover

How is it to NOT want every edition of this book, and I wish there was a special edition of it. I would want this to have blue and white lightning painted edges with an embossed naked cover with a lightning bolt as well, I want it beautiful and simple.


Book Cover

I WANT EVERYTHING SPECIAL ABOUT THIS. Celestial sprayed and shimmery edges, pearlescent raised font, glitter and silvery foiled stars on the cover, embossed silver foil of the rocket on the naked cover underneath the sparkly dust jacket, and artwork on the reverse of the dust jacket, it’ll have our fave space ship and my one and only ‘ship’ SHIP.


Book Cover

How could I not include this on a list? I would have gold foil for the mocking jay pin, red foiled edging on the font, and gray metallic foil on the pattern. The edges would be painted a shimmery black. The naked cover would just have a gold foil of the mocking jay, and that’s it <3.

By TheCaffeinatedReader

A Caffeinated Reader and Musician, destined to write lacklustre book reviews with the over-ample amount of free time.

4 replies on “5 Books I Wish Had Special Editions”

I drooled thinking about a special edition for Trail of Lightning, I have the different cover edition where it’s metallic and it’s so pretty and shiny I love it! Also I feel like there’s an edition of The Hunger Games where they’re shiny? I’m sure I’ve seen them before somewhere xD Your post reminded me that The Gilded Wolves is sat on my shelf judging me sksksk, I should pick it up soon.

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