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Folklore Book Tag

Thanks to Neelam of The Tsudonku Chronicles for the tag! Taylor Swift is my spawn’s favorite singer, so I was really excited to do this, especially after reading the awesome answers others have given!

The link for the original Folklore book tag. Please make sure to link back to it if you do this tag!

Mortal Instruments series, I still love it on a nostalgia reading level, but, I know deep down that I’ve grown out of it!

Hunger Games the first one in particular is a huge comfort read to me but I tend to read the whole trilogy over again each time I really need a pick me up.


Alina and Mal, just not a fan of them and felt their ending was lackluster, and I don’t. mean because of the lack of shiny things or anything, I mean because. theyjust seemed so forced together to me.

A Spark of White Fire, that book broke my heart in so many places lol.

A House of Salt and Sorrow, it really speaks to my little dark heart

Yadriel from Cemetery Boys, he must be protected at all costs, but also Jules from Cemetery Boys too.

The China Garden, it’s probably the only Summer Love-ish story I have on my read list, so we’re going with it! Clare and Mark had a summer romance, I succeeded in filling this!

The Storm Crow takes fantasy and gives it some mental illness that can be seriously lacking/classified in this fave genre of mine.

Yumeko and Kage Tatsumi from the Shadow of the Fox, she’s a half-kitsune, he’s a demon-blade wielder trained to kill beings like Yumeko.

Maia and Edan from the Blood of the Stars duology!

Alessandra from The Shadows Between Us

Rowan and Alfonso from Blood of an Exile *sobs*

Sophia and Constance from Cinderella is Dead, I loved them ❤

The Gilded Wolves, I love their found family so much

Pretty much just everyone in Mexican Gothic

There you have it! My filled Folklore Book Tag! I tag anyone who wants to do it and a few friends via Twitter!

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