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My Kickstarter Project: #DiverseUrShelf

Today I’m dropping the information from my kickstarter here on my blog on hopes of getting the word out about it more. This is really a passion/dream project of mine and I hope to get it off the ground with enough support. Please feel free to share my post and/or Kickstarter link




#DiverseUrShelf is a book ‘box’ [it’ll be mailed in a bubble mailer but it makes it easier to find if I use box] for MG readers.


 Felfira Moon Designs


 The Tsundoku Chronicles

I love getting book boxes but they can be pricey so I’m hoping to make one that will be more affordable by:

 Making it lightweight 

 Trying to stick with paperbacks as they are generally more affordable 

 Smaller items such as the bookmark and pin



The books I want to focus on are ones that highlight kids of colour, those with different learning abilities and physical abilities, LGBTQ rep, and STEM themes. This is to help children see themselves in books as so often the books we’ve made popular are a little less inclusive than the world itself is. I would like it to run across multiple genres and have a read-along with the subscribers so they can participate and we can get the views of MG readers themselves on the books.

With the Kickstarter, I’ve put the funding goal in a place where I could hopefully lower the cost of the boxes and get at least the next two prepared.




Here are things I hope will happen in the future if this project is funded:

-Donate a box or two a month to those who can’t afford it [Perhaps lower the cost in general if possible!]

-Add extra items that are still small enough to keep shipping cheaper

-Work with publishers in perhaps getting bookplates or something extra to go with the book feature; such as maybe an author letter/interview to insert in the mailer with the book!]

-Make it one time, monthly or quarterly

-Have Authors chat along with readers if possible

I intend to work with smaller/UK based publishers first, focus on the books they have that highlight what #DiverseUrShelf is about and hopefully give their books the attention they deserve!


Publishers happy to be involved should this get funded:

Hashtag Press

Knights Of


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