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What My Favorite Characters Would Do in Quarantine – Book Tag



What My Favorite Characters Would Do in Quarantine // Original Book Tag// By Kal @ Reader Voracious



  • Take 5 or more of your favorite book characters and imagine what they would be doing if they were quarantined with us in the real world.
  • You can have them be in their own squad if you want, or working on their own.
  • Tag 5 friends.
  • Link back to this post and credit Reader Voracious.


Characters in Quarantine


Heart of Flames (Crown of Feathers #2)

Sev from the Crown of Feathers Trilogy-

I think he would be gathering information and making plans regardless of quarantine or not, and he would do it while never breaking quarantine, he’s just that good. Oh and he’s probably mooning over a certain boy, which my heart greatly approves of.

Kingdom of Souls (Kingdom of Souls, #1)

Arrah from Kingdom of Souls-

Arrah would totally be trying to save everyone while stuck inside, and she’d be torn between wanting to save her sister and save everyone from her sister. Who knows, maybe she would be totally taking advantage of some downtime and taking some many needed naps!

A Spark of White Fire (The Celestial Trilogy, #1)

Esmae from A Spark of White Fire-

She’s probably stuck in some awkward family reunion scenario, bless her little heart, but I feel like she would be doing better in that situation than I would be in her case lol. Is it time for book 3 yet?


The City of Brass (The Daevabad Trilogy, #1)

Nahri from The City of Brass-

Nahri is totally reading books with Ali in the library, eating her favorite foods and trying to avoid the rest of Ali’s family and the outside world so they can just spend all their time together. I might ship them, fight me, lol.


The Winter of the Witch (Winternight Trilogy, #3)

Vasya from The Winter of the Witch-

Vasya would be holed up in the cozy forest/home of the Winter King, eating something warm by the fire and listening to stories, or telling her own. I imagine them ensconced in the enjoyment of each other’s company and totally not minding the fact that they’re in Quarantine.

Who I’m Tagging

Everyone! Haha, I’ll come back and fill this out with your name if you like, but I wasn’t sure who would want to be tagged!


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7 replies on “What My Favorite Characters Would Do in Quarantine – Book Tag”

AHAHAHAHAHHA This is fantastic! I would just like to point out that I do not need to wonder because Kaz flat out planned and had Nina execute a whole damn quarantine… ha!


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