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Hey guys, I thought maybe this could be of use to some people, so, here I go.


First off, I did a bookish resource post last year for BE Spring, and I’ll link to that, it had some good online resources for books [free and legal!]

Bookish Resources BE Spring 2019

Other Resources

Gumroad [Comics, Software and More, at a variety of price ranges]
[This is the only one that will incur any costs and some people have put their work for free on Gumroad atm, so it’s worth a look!]


For Children/Students

There’s a couple of resources people have shared on Facebook Book Groups I’m in and it’s great that they have, as a Mom, I’ll be taking charge of my child’s learning combined with the help and resources of the teachers from our school. They, of course, have their own resources they have given us access too but here are some for everyone and anyone to use:

Oxford Owl [Has Free eBooks!]

Worldbook [Made resources available for free for children]

Khan Academy [Free, helps provide daily schedules for children too!]

DK Kids [Free Learning Resources on Variety of Subjects]

Tinkle School Closures Resources [Free Downloadable Pack]

Nat Geo Kids [Videos]

The Kids Should See This [Videos]

World Geography Games [Free Games]

Blockly [Free Games]

Toy Theatre [Free Games]

Imagination Tree [Ideas for arts/crafts and playing during self-isolation]

Pawprint Challenges [Free Challenge Packs to Download]

Seneca [Free, and for older children with resources for GCSE and A Levels]

Big History Project [Free Resources for Secondary Children]


Resources for Adults


As a Parent, I was focused more on children resources but I did find a few for us adults and older learners just wanting to purse something during this time of self-isolation.

500 Free Online Courses from Ivy League Schools

Idea [Free Mini Courses]

Open Education [Free Courses]

Future Learn [Has some Free Courses]


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