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WWW Wednesday


It’s time for the WWW Wednesday meme brought to you all by Taking on a World of Words


What Are You Currently Reading?

Wicked As You Wish (A Hundred Names for Magic, #1)

Many years ago, the magical Kingdom of Avalon was left desolate and encased in ice when the evil Snow Queen waged war on the powerful country. Its former citizens are now refugees in a world mostly devoid of magic. Which is why the crown prince and his protectors are stuck in…Arizona.
Prince Alexei, the sole survivor of the Avalon royal family, is in hiding in a town so boring, magic doesn’t even work there. Few know his secret identity, but his friend Tala is one of them. Tala doesn’t mind—she has secrets of her own. Namely, that she’s a spellbreaker, someone who negates magic.

Then hope for their abandoned homeland reignites when a famous creature of legend, and Avalon’s most powerful weapon, the Firebird, appears for the first time in decades. Alex and Tala unite with a ragtag group of new friends to journey back to Avalon for a showdown that will change the world as they know it.

Technically I’m reading this, but, I haven’t picked it up since I read the first couple of chapters, I’m not really feeling it, it was too much info-dump but also not enough if that’s possible. BUT I’m going to try it again, and if I really can’t get into it, I’ll give it away.


What Did You Recently Finish Reading?

Aurora Rising (The Aurora Cycle, #1)

It’s 2380 and the graduating students of Aurora Academy are being assigned their first missions. Tyler Jones has been a star pupil who hopes to recruit the squad of his dreams but ends up with a mixed and volatile crew.

And Ty’s squad isn’t even his biggest problem – that’d be Aurora Jie-Lin O’Malley, the girl he’s just rescued from interdimensional space. Trapped in cryo-sleep for two centuries, Auri is a girl out of time and out of her depth. But she could be the catalyst that starts a war millions of years in the making, and Tyler’s squad of losers, discipline-cases and misfits might just be the last hope for the entire galaxy.

Vividly told in the seven voices of the team members, this is fast-paced, action-packed, wickedly humorous and fabulously entertaining. Described by one online fan as ‘a mystery with tons of action. A kind of thriller on steroids with a fantasy feel.’

I’ll have a full review posted on my blog soon, this was a super enjoyable read for me, but, I can’t believe I’m saying this…I could have done with way less snark/sarcasm, they were all exceptionally witty all the time, which got a bit old. BUT. I loved the story!


What Do You Think You’ll Read Next?

The Ninth Child

A spellbinding novel of a young doctor’s wife, Isabel Aird, struggling to make her childless life meaningful, unaware that the sinister Robert Kirke is watching her every move, by the Sunday Times bestselling author Sally Magnusson.
Loch Katrine waterworks, 1856. A Highland wilderness fast becoming an industrial wasteland. No place for a lady.
But Isabel Aird, denied the motherhood role society expects of her by a succession of miscarriages, is comforted by a place where she can feel the presence of her lost children and begin to work out what her life is for.
No matter that the hills echo with the gunpowder blasts of men tunnelling day and night to bring fresh water to diseased Glasgow thirty miles away – digging so deep that there are those who worry they are disturbing the land of faery itself.
New life is quickening within her again. While her husband is engaged with the medical emergencies of the construction site, Isabel can only wait.
But someone else is waiting too. The man in the dark coat, watching for the right moment with a huntsman’s eye . . .
By turns spellbinding and heart-pounding, The Ninth Childis set at a pivotal time in the Victorian era, when engineering innovation and new ideas flourished but women did not. Through the dual lens of history and folklore it captures a woman’s struggle to make her life matter, and a compromised man’s struggle with himself.

This is up next on my NG feed and I’m hoping to just knock it out today, my reading has been a bit slower since…well…having someone work from home and disrupting your schedule takes some adjusting lol.


What are you reading?  What do you want to read next?

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Good thing to know there’s info-dump going on in Wicked As You Wish since it’s on my TBR as well!

Aurora Rising was.. so good.. I didn’t mind all the snark, sass and sarcastic comments but it probably helps that’s social / offline me in a nutshell, haha. Can’t wait for the sequel of that one!

I’m currently rereading Legendary, so I can finally dive into Finale. Also reading The Monster of Selkirk’s third book aaand the earc of The Opposite of Falling Apart! 😀

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