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They say that lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice. How the people of Wiltshire wished that were true.

When Paul Ray decides to burn down his evil family’s legacy, he falls into the clutches of those he thought gone.
And now Detective Yorke and his team face a race against time to find Paul before Wiltshire again falls under the dark spell of a ruthless family.
Unfortunately for Yorke, the answers lie in the most sinister of places. The beating heart of a long-dead killer.
Can Yorke find the truth before it’s too late? Or will the curse of the Ray family prove too strong?

The DCI Yorke Series:
#1 One Last Prayer for the Rays :
#2 The Repenting Serpent:
#3 The Silence of Severance:
#4 Rise of the Rays:
#5 Dance with the Reaper*:
*Out July 31st, now available for pre-order

My Review

Hey all, first off, this is the FOURTH book in this series, I have reviewed the third and second one, and though you don’t NEED to read the other two, I would strongly recommend at least reading book three before diving into this one. [Also they’re amazing so you might as well read the others]

Guess what guys? Markin only gets progressively creepier with his stories, and I LOVE that. This fourth book gave me some chills and creepy feels and it was once more as if I were watching a Criminal Minds episode instead of reading a book, in one afternoon sitting no less. Markin takes the creepy bar/standards and raises them each time, I’m unsure how this will play out for book five, but I need to know haha.

I couldn’t stop reading this, everything just seems to just keep getting worse for Yorke’s team. After all the losses and tragedies they suffered in the last novel, you think they’d get some respite, hahaha, guess again! They’re dealing with so much emotional baggage and trauma and trying to hunt down a murderer who seems to be something straight out of the past. But that’s impossible…the original culprit has been dead for years, so who is committing these copy cat crimes now?

Poor Paul Ray is kidnapped again [he was kidnapped in the first book, and Markin gives you the backstory so if you haven’t read it, he fills in the gaps] and worse than that, he’s kidnapped by someone as stated above, has been dead for years. So how is this possible?

Markin doesn’t cease to impress me with his way to keep you completely on edge for a whole book, it’s like a dark crime thriller gift he’s been bequeathed, or, I don’t know maybe he made a deal with the devil, half jk, but seriously, you’re just left reading this book in one sitting because you want to figure out how everything connects; Markin does not disappoint.-My Review from The Silence of Severance [Still valid for this book!]

The villains/antagonists of this book are upping their games, it was incredible to watch the lengths these people were willing to go to!

Lacey probably had her most extreme role yet in the novels, she’s giving no craps about what she runs into, everyone will fall under her thumb one way or another and it’s incredibly gripping.

Learning the twisted tale of the Rays, and just how far their problems go was definitely intriguing and immersive. I could hardly put this book down, and though I felt so sad for Pal and Yorke’s team, I still couldn’t help but have a sliver of hope. Again, I NEED book 5! What happens next?!!

I totally recommend this if you enjoy thrillers or if you’ve read and enjoyed any other books in this series. Another four cups of coffee read from Wes Markin!

Thanks to Caroline and Markin for a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion as part of the blog tour.

About the Author

Wes Markin Author Image

Wes Markin is a hyperactive English teacher, who loves writing crime fiction with a twist of the macabre. 
Having finished the third instalment in the DCI Yorke series, ‘The Silence of Severance’, Wes is now working on the fourth instalment of DCI Yorke’s wild ride. He is also the author of ‘Defined,’ a prequel to his DCI Yorke novels, which takes the reader back to his blood-soaked university days.
Born in 1978, Wes grew up in Manchester, UK. After graduating from Leeds University, he spent fifteen years as a teacher of English, and has taught in Thailand, Malaysia and China. Now as a teacher, writer, husband and father, he is currently living in Harrogate, UK.

Author Links

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