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Be Autumn – Fall In Love


Another fun BEA post inspired by the current host, Meeghan Reads! I’ve linked back to her original post and the fun featured image is by her as well! I take no credit!

Thanks to Sam and Clo for putting together such a fun and awesome even as BookEnding and I am so happy to be participating in BE Autumn!!

Prompt Explanation: Autumn is for walks in the brisk air, drinking lattes, wearing matching scarves and hats, jumping in piles of leaves… wait! Is this sounding a little tropey to you? Let’s talk about some of our fave (and not so fave) love tropes.


Tropes I equate to an amazing cup of coffee


Enemies to Lovaaaas in the Niiiight

Slow burn, that’s right, let it simmer

A WELL done Love Triangle [Such as for me, The Hunger Games]

Whodunnits- The Butler [Cracks me up every time]

The Chosen One [Sometimes things are popular for a reason, they work really well]

A band of adventurers on a quest- Gimme every time [Bonus if they have a tavern scene]

Star Crossed Lovers [As Long as they’re not … instalove]


Tropes I equate to a burnt cup o’ joe


Instalove… thank you, please

The very attractive yet average looking main person that everyone seems to crush on even though they’re nothing special in the looks department but everyone is actually attracted to their looks. I mean…whyyyyyyy

Friends to lovers [When they’re really deep in the friend zone anyway, get back to where you came from, there’s usually a reason there’s no chemistry]

Too many plot twists. After a while, I don’t even care anymore because it’s too twisty and ridiculous

When a character knows how to handle a weapon when they’ve never held one before, but because they’re the chosen one that means no hard work? Like Luke Skywalker had to do some training, so should they.

This isn’t a trope so much as an observation. When clothes are over-detailed. I love clothes and fashion but if you explain every outfit and worse say all the brand names, you’ll lose me, I’ll forget what we’re talking about. And I won’t care what the character is wearing any more.

Sexist tropes where there’s the super-macho detective who is bitter and broody and has a cold hard partner who is a female but he ends up falling in love with the super sweet feminine character instead. We’re so much more than like two adjectives each.


That’s it from me

It’s six minutes till midnight, I is tired. G’Night.



By TheCaffeinatedReader

A Caffeinated Reader and Musician, destined to write lacklustre book reviews with the over-ample amount of free time.

4 replies on “Be Autumn – Fall In Love”

“Friends to lovers [When they’re really deep in the friend zone anyway, get back to where you came from, there’s usually a reason there’s no chemistry]”

Yasssss lets just kick them back into the friendzone where they belong…like you were their for a reason. And I adore slow burns so much, simmering away they make me swoon!

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