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I Like What I Like


I feel like this is something I should just tackle. I kinda have before in Crap Critiquing Skills

To give a run down, I know I rate books pretty high. I do it knowingly.


Because I liked them… because they were enjoyable because that’s the rating I felt they deserve.

Now I know that I don’t really critique books in my reviews but that isn’t my point. My reviews are used to highlight what I liked/didn’t like about a book and lately, I’ve liked more than I’ve disliked. So sue me.

If there are areas of contention in a book I do try to mention them, I do try and say, hey I’m not sure how this will go for you all, but it’s there. And I’m going back through my reviews to add trigger warnings to anything and everything that I think needs it and that I’ve overlooked lately.

This is me trying to do better as a reviewer, but, the fact that I enjoy books shouldn’t be an issue. And almost no one aside from a friend has pointed it out to me, so I’m not here to defend myself against fake haters, I’m here to tell you all that it is absolutely 100% okay to like what you read, it is also okay to not like what you read. The reviews are not just for readers, they’re for you. You’re reflecting on what you read, you’re giving your opinion and voice to something you read.

Do not feel bad about hating a book everyone has loved, and on the same token, don’t feel bad for loving a book people hated.

Romance is your go-to genre and you tend to love them all? That’s wonderful, or maybe it makes you pickier, that’s also wonderful. I value your opinions and so do most, but even if we didn’t, you hold that head high and don’t worry about it.

It can be so easy to tear a book down, and sometimes it is so very very justified, but we have to remember to not tear down the readers with it.

[And unless it has some serious ethical problems [racism, sexism, prejudice, harmful language toward certain groups then maybe we should pause before tearing down an author with their book as well but I have to say I think we’re pretty good in our community about being supportive.]

My reviews are still growing, I’m still learning but I don’t think I should feel guilty about just really enjoying books I read and I hope others don’t either. You want to five-star rate the last four books you read? You do it! Want to DNF? Go for it! Want to give a 1 star because you absolutely disliked the book? Put that one star down, GoodReads is a community but those ratings aren’t just for other readers, they’re a reflection of your opinion. So give it honestly, and guilt-free.

Meanwhile, I’ll try to pterodactyl screech less while fan-girl raving and make my reviews a bit more coherent.


By TheCaffeinatedReader

A Caffeinated Reader and Musician, destined to write lacklustre book reviews with the over-ample amount of free time.

19 replies on “I Like What I Like”

Whew! A little venting is good and for the most part I agree with you. But I don’t always feel free to issue a 1 or 2 star. Generally won’t issue below a 3. And yes, it’s only my opinion. As you said, someone else may love it. I know how hard the author worked. Good post!

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Agreed. I’ve seen this discussion a lot before. People being told they’re too critical, or not critical enough, discussions of how critical a reviewer should be and who is more trustworthy…and it gets far more complicated when the issue of what to do with books by indie authors comes up. It’s interesting discussion, but I do think there’s a place for every kind of reviewer or review, as long as it’s honest and not rude.

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I am just honest. No matter what I say it is authentic. Did something prompt this post… like did someone actually say you like too many books? I think just for someone to comment on another’s blog content in that way is ludicrous. It is your blog. You could just say I’m only going to talk about books I like and that is your choice and someone could say I’m only going to talk about books they didn’t like because in their mind they are rescuing the reading world and that is their choice but whether way it is their blog. Put a keyboard in front of people and I think they just say things they would never say to someone in person.

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It was odd because someone did approach me about it but it was a friend who reads my blog, and I value her opinion a lot but she had mentioned that she’d seen complaints and for the life of me I couldn’t find any but felt so upset lol, thanks so much for your comment ❤

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You like what you like, as you should. I don’t have a star rating system, but I appreciate the need for reviewers who use them both critically and leniently. The reading world would be boring if we all reviewed books the same way.

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I can absolutely relate to your post! I do feel a bit weird for giving a lot of high rating but then I try to remind myself of the very fact that it is a good sign because it just means that I am reading good books. Thanks for venting about this important topic 🙂

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This is such a good post and so true as well! I’m crap at critiquing too since I either love something or I don’t and I don’t know how to objectify my rating and reviews often!
Honestly, I think what letters most is you convert what you felt and are true to yourself so others can see why you liked or disliked the book because that’s what helps others choose, right?

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This is something that very much needed, I feel like be a critic is all about transparency, you talk about why you hate or love something that okay cause you like what you like an one one should said otherwise else the word will be a boring place if we all do things some certain way

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I’ll never stop being confused as to why people care what other people rate books as??? Like so what if you are a higher rater? We aren’t all hyper critical and close readers ffs. Also, I think we get better at selecting books we are likely to enjoy the more we read… that doesn’t mean your reviews or ratings are any less valid.

Great post & rant!

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