July Rewind





Ah…this one…this was my lowest rated read of the month, it had a nice idea just not my style.










Life Ruins Cover

































Total Tally: 33 Books Read this Month



Favorite Posts from around the book blogger-verse


There was so much to pick from and I really enjoyed a lot of the reviews I read this month more than anything else but I’ve limited myself to the posts above!


What I’ve Posted



I had a lot of fun attending an author talk at my local Waterstones with William McIntyre, I’ve booked my tickets for the Edinburgh Book Festival, as well as a ticket to go here a certain Jay Kristoff talk in Glasgow in September.

I was also so honored to be nominated and in the running for best new book blogger for the awesome bba [book blogger awards] and just being on the list has meant so much to me! ❤

We are still waiting to hear when we can move into our house, which is driving me nuts, and I actually got rid of more books finally. I’ve got a few more blog posts in August but you’ll notice the number is not nearly as much as June and July as summer starts to wind down. I hope everyone’s had a great July!

11 thoughts on “July Rewind”

  1. You had one hell of a month! Wait did I miss your review of spin the dawn or did we discuss it and I’m about to be really embarrassed at how discombobulated I’ve become this month

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  2. ayyyyy 33 books averages out to more than one a day, great job! (I’m sure tons more await, but you can definitely afford to take a second to bask in that victory, LOL)

    it sounds like you’re going to have lots going on, with the book festival and Kristoff talk and moving (hopefully soon 🤞), but I hope August is good to you and you have lots of fun with it all! (and that you win that award because you deserve it.) thanks for including my post 💕

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