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It’s been a minute with this. To be fair it’s because we go shopping so often for books in charity shops that it would be too repetitive on the blog, so, here we are, and I’ve just gathered up some of my favorite buys recently so that I can share them.






Most of these were 50P! The Lord of the Rings was 5, but the retail is 35, sooo I didn’t do too shabby! That means my old school LotR movie book with all three is now donated, and I also had an older cover of Maze Runner but now that I have matching covers, well, that’s gone to donation as well! I’ve also been wanting the Magnus Bane Chronicles but I had one on the kindle and it was one they were sold separately so I like this much better, looks like that’s one ebook I don’t have to keep on the Kindle anymore. I know. I have a problem.

I’m also going through my books once again, it’s time to clear some out now that we’re moving. It’s about time too as I really should be conscious of what books I might never read. I don’t plan on doing a huge cull, just taking into account what I truly never plan on reading, haha, that way someone else has a chance to read it.

It’s time for me to dive back into the neverending TBR. [Sidenote: Why you approve things so last minute NetGalley people? Do you hate me??]

Tell me what deals/books you’ve bought lately!

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14 replies on “Charity Shop Haul”

Wow, the LOTR one is so pretty!!

I’ll forever be jealous of how neat thoses books looks!! Man, I went to a thrift shop the other day to look for clothes; and I did peak in the book section .. it’s either cooking book, random college/X for dummy books .. and one jacket absolutely torn off with no book following it. Oh- and bibles XD they basically just have a bin and they are all thrown in it 😡

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ooooooooh all of these are so pretty! I couldn’t get through LOTR and I wasn’t a huge fan of the Maze Runner, but Bane Chronicles is one of my favorite Shadowhunters books … and I haven’t seen this set of Percy Jackson covers but wow I love.

also I totally relate to the Netgalley struggle, some of my earliest requests (from back when I first made my account, geez) finally got accepted / rejected. seriously, they need to get on that “withdraw request” option because at this point I don’t remember why I wanted to read those books.

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50p? That’s crazy!
We don’t have any charity shops to buy books from nearby so I have to stick to saving up and buying at retail price 😦
The Bane Chronicles looks so pretty! As does LoTR! These are all such great picks!

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YES TO LOTR FINDS!!!!! I may be a tad obsessed. And and and and please keep posting these. I love charity shopping tbh, not only because I am helping important causes, but also because you can find some real gems sometimes.

Netgalley is evil. They just KNOW when you don’t have enough time on your hands and they just go ahead and approve you for everything last minute. Not that I’m complaining because yay books, but also wow time machine…has it been invented yet??

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You know the other day I went into a charity shop and saw the exact same style of covers for Percy Jackson, I’m super tempted to get them though at some point. I have the new covers but like…they’re pretty but the other style just click with me a bit more still. I got two books when I went into a charity shop, The Finisher and The Keeper by David…somebody honestly I’m too lazy to find his surname atm but they were £1.50 each which wasn’t too bad plus the covers are so prettyyyyy.

I feel like I should go in charity shops more…but when I do it’s usually swamped with adult books and historial fiction so I’m like welp, what happened to teen fiction/YA xD ALSO is that the paperback edition of the bane chronicles? *sticks nose to screen* I have the hardback and whilst I like it, I want a paperback version so badly *sobs*

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you.. you found a hardcover The Winter of the Witch?! I’m so jealous?? That book has been out of print ever since the paperbacks were released and ugh, I’ve been looking for it for months! Hopefully you’ll be able to find the sequels in hardback aswell, so you’ll have matching set!

I wish mycharity shops would carry more English books, they usually only have Dutch books, and very old ones aswell. I am going to move to England :’)

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