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How To Email A Book Blogger

Hey all,

I was going to post another review today but decided on pushing that back till tomorrow and trying to help some indie authors in the process of emailing us fantabulous book bloggers.

So let’s see what suggestions I have and at the end please feel free to comment with your own suggestions, every little bit helps!

*Use our names in the emails*

We really like this, it means you didn’t just send us something you copied and pasted…[which you totally could but adding our names makes it feel personal!] We’re not bots and showing us you actually know who you’re emailing goes a long way.


*Check to see if there’s a review policy*

Chances are if there’s a review policy there’s somewhere on the page to easily direct you to it, and if you look and look and can’t find one, don’t be afraid to email and ask ‘I was wondering if you had a review policy for requests, I couldn’t seem to find one on your page’ this way we know you at least took a glance, and there’s important information in those things!


*READ the review policy. READ IT.*

Seriously, please, we put those up for your benefit and ours. Some people are very genre specific, some people are closed to requests, some may say how long it takes to get back to you, some may tell you the answers to life because quite frankly we know most people don’t read them so we can tell all the secrets we like.

It’s helpful especially if someone isn’t accepting review requests, they’ll only be annoyed if you email and ask as it’ll be clear you didn’t go look at their policy.

Someone could hate Sci-Fi, and guess what, they’re not going to accept your book. Not only that, but, you probably don’t want them to because what are the chances they’ll give your book a stellar review if they hate the genre? You’re the rule not the exception.

[Five points to your house of choice if you know what that reference is from]


*Do Not Badger*

There’s some unspoken thing in some book blogging communities, if we don’t respond to your email…well…we’re not interested and if we’re busy sometimes it’s easier to not respond and let the silence be our answer. Other times…like in my case, your lovely request gets stuck in my promotions folder so it may take a few days or a few weeks depending on how adamant I am about clearing out the folder. If you don’t get a reply, there’s like a gazillion of us, we won’t be hurt if you move on to another book blogger…as long as you read their review policy and use their name. And for the love of all shiny things please don’t send us multiple emails especially if we’ve never responded, or worse, if we have and have politely declined. Keep track of who you’ve emailed so this doesn’t happen, I have to do it for publishers, I don’t want to get blocked cause I forgot I emailed them and just annoy them lol.



Find out what it means to meeeee. Okay I know this sounds like a no brainer, but hear me out, sometimes in an author’s excitement they just forget to do any of the above steps and just email you from the seat of their pants because they have a great book and they want to share it. Which is great. But. We are people, and not everyone has the same reading tastes. Not answering is maybe not seen as professional to some, but just like you lovely writers/authors, we’re super busy. A lot of other book bloggers have jobs and other commitments or may just quite frankly not be able to be bothered some days. That’s okay. We try not to badger and disrespect you all and publishers when we ask for requests so we ask please give us respect as well, we do our work for free too.


*Your Request has been accepted….now what?*


Oh you poor soul. Now it’s the waiting game. If you’re wanting a quick review, make sure to talk about that in your request, and check their policy -if they have one- to see if they mention anything about how long you may have to wait. But rest assured we’ll get to it. *Whispers* Eventually.

[First off if you’ve emailed me and I’ve accepted, I’m so sorry. I’m like two months behind, but I do warn if you have a time range to let me know. Unfortunately I have been swamped recently but this month I made major headway and plan on clearing this list of requests. Many to be in July but it’ll stretch until probably forever.]


Do not argue the rating.

…Please…please don’t try to correct someone on their interpretation of your book. These things are very subjective and know that when you put your book out there, you’re putting out there knowing not everyone will love it. I know I’m a pretty easy rater, I round things up on GoodReads and try not to read anything that doesn’t sound like I’d love it off the bat, but, even if I didn’t, that’s still my opinion. Most are not out to make it personal when we don’t like a book, and if someone does get personal…well that’s a time for another post but know that emailing the blogger that YOU’VE asked to review your book and argue their rating will not get your rating raised. If it does, you got lucky because most people do not play that game and it’s a dangerous one. The best thing you can do is try to take any constructive criticism into mind and push on and find other people who will hopefully love your book and write spectacular reviews.

[I’ve mentioned this before but if someone is attacking an author on a personal level and tagging them in negative reviews, that’s on them. That’s not nice, and hopefully it’s not something that happens too often. If I don’t like a book, that’s all it is unless the author has been harmful to others in their writing. Then that’s another ballpark.]


*Anything Else??*

You should be generally all set but look in the comments to see what others have to say about this! Everyone is different, but I can say if someone has a review policy there is the wealth of your knowledge for them if you want to send them a request.

I love my writer and author friends and I’ve never had anything other than polite and lovely requests but I do have friends who have had to deal with some interesting things so I’ve made this post out of inspiration…though…it wouldn’t kill you all to use my name when you email. Seriously. It makes me very happy.

Haley. [I’ll accept Hayley or other variations but know I’ll be giving your email a dirty look when I see the wrong spelling]


By TheCaffeinatedReader

A Caffeinated Reader and Musician, destined to write lacklustre book reviews with the over-ample amount of free time.

36 replies on “How To Email A Book Blogger”

SO TRUE! I really hate it when people don’t address you in emails. Like if it says “Hello” or “Hello Blogger”, then I know you just simply copy and paste. I also like it when authors add some personal touches to emails. Like I had one that mentioned how they liked the same tv shows as me (I had this info my blog at the time) and it definitely made it nice.

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Yes, this !!
Last week I got an email “You’ll love this, Kristina!” and guess what .. it was political thriller. Sure, thrillers are my thing, but id NEVER read anything involving politics – I just don’t care for it. And mind you, it was from a UK publisher .. which did badger a few days later (which kind of irritated me tbh – it’s said, in my review policy, that usually no answer in 24hrs is a NO!)

Oh and idk about other bloggers.. but I need details. like, just emailing me with “THIS BOOK AS WON X & Y AWARDS AND HERE’S THE REVIEWS AND..” okay- but… I don’t care. Don’t give me what awards and prices it won – just give me the actual synopsis/some hints onto what the book is about !! I’m likely not gonna email you back just to find out what the book is about .. that’s one of the first thing you shall include in your very FIRST email with us.

Great post, Haley ! this is one of thoses things that we gotta keep pointing out, as sometimes it may go under the radar and must be reminded *aherm*

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LOVE THIS! I just had an awkward situation with an author … I really like her, but I ended up writing a review for nothing since I rated it 2 star so she didn’t want me to publish it? It felt weird, because we had a good relationship as I had reviewed her first and second. I don’t like when authors only want good reviews? Especially since I’ve had to tell authors my thoughts and they actually liked my review even when it wasn’t a 3+ star. I’m thinking I might add something in my review policy about posting no matter what, since it’s a lot of effort to write the reviews. But I don’t know if that’s appropriate?

Thank you again for the post!

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That is pretty odd…and definitely makes it awkward. If you liked the other two and you all had a good relationship she should have just respected your review. And I say go for it, the only time I’ve ever seen things about not posting under 3 *** reviews is if it’s for a blog tour and then they usually state that you can post it after the tour.

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Honestly, if someone uses my name in a review request, I’m already more inclined to accept the request.

And thankfully, no one has argued about ratings with me before but if they do – swear to god, I’m one who’d reduce it rather than increase it unless they have a very valid reason for questioning it!

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I love this! Preach :D. You are standing up for us as the bloggers and giving authors guidelines for approaching us. 9 out of 10 times they spell my name wrong and its only 4 letters. Kind of frustrating. And yes, if we don’t like your book, it is not personal just our opinion. Great post!

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perfect post is perfect. that’s all.

jk, but for real – all of these are really important points (a lot of them being dealbreakers when I have too many requests to give each one much attention … wait is this what hiring managers feel like when they scan resumes? 😮). also I’ve been tempted to add something random like “please include a gif of a cute kitten in your request email” a) so that I know they’ve actually read it and can follow directions, and b) to make the whole process a little more painless (… that sounds weird, we’ll just go with it) for us both!

my name is literally in the sidebar of my blog and the proper spelling & spacing of my blog title is in the banner, it always annoys me when people mess it up or omit it entirely. and yup, searching the email inbox / your sent mails is freeeeeee and Google can tell you how to do it effectively; it definitely doesn’t put an author / publishing person on my good side if they repeatedly send me the same email.

even more than “don’t argue the rating,” I would advise authors not to argue about any part of the review – or better yet, don’t engage at all beyond maybe a “Thank you for your feedback / time” – even if the reviewer’s interpretation isn’t what you intended, you can’t control or correct what every reader will think; you gotta let the book stand on its own. my anxiety always spikes when I get a notification that the author has commented on my review, and the majority of the time it was “oh you misread this part, what I meant was …” or “huh, if you had just kept reading, you would have discovered that, contrary to your criticism …” I know this book is your baby and you’re protective of it, but sorry, even if you requested my review it wasn’t really meant for you.

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Hahah thank you, thank you. And yaaaas maybe that’s what it feels like to be one of those poor peeps reading resumes all day…I don’t envy them, still don’t like them as they never seem to like mine 😉 lol. But omg a cute kitten gif would be perfect, like if they listened, think of all the cute kittens you could see!

You’re totally right, they really shouldn’t be arguing the review in general and it just really shouldn’t be a discussion. When I hear an author has corrected a reader, unless it really is something like ‘uh no, that character’s not even in my book’ then I’m like ‘idk’ about reading their books.

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this is a v handy blog post, its p shocking to say i cried the other week bc it was so clear that someone had read my policy! ive also decided if im not addressed by name and im not interested im gonn have to not reply. i spent way too much time replying when i couldve been reading

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It’s sad when we’re just so happy to have someone read and take in our policies, and I have decided too that if there’s no name, I won’t accept it unless something gives me a clue that they actually read the policy.


This post is perfection. Honestly my biggest pet peeve is when my review policy is blatantly ignored… when they went to that page to get my email address in the first place!

I understand the hustle, but it really makes no sense to me when authors blanket emails with the request with no regard for reader preference or match. Because if I don’t read romance, do you think I am the best person to read and review your book? No. No, I am not. Great post as always, love!

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Aww, thanks. I really hate having no name. It’s like ‘what am I? AM I JUST CATTLE TO YOU ALL!?’ but seriously why put forth something that a reader is blatantly not going to read? Just wastes everyone’s time.


Say it louder for the peeps at the back! Honestly, I love being addressed with my name in an email even if they for some reason choose to use Chloe. It’s better than just “Hello, Hi” or something else. Something I actually have in my policy is a line which states if you email me with a request then that means you’ve read the policy and agree to the terms and conditions.


So true, u hate when people misspell my name or didn’t address me properly, adding a personal touch to email for us bloggers means you meant business and professional enough and I dislike when author or publishing house argue with you about the rating like come on.
Thank you for this

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