Book Review

June Rewind

 My June Reads


  1. The Last Tsar’s Dragons

  2. Kennig & Gold

  3. Remeon’s Quest



  1. The Path Keeper 



  1. The Chosen

  2. Kingdom of Exiles



  1. Random Attachment

  2. The Missing Years

  3. The Repenting Serpent

  4. The Sea Refuses No River

  5. Dream Angus

  6. Bride Squad Runaway

  7. The Van Apfel Girls are Gone

  8. The Starter Wife

  9. Akela

  10. The Red Labyrinth



  1. The Disappeared

  2. Without a Trace

  3. The Ice House

  4. Finer Things

  5. Shadow of the Fox

  6. Heart of Stone

  7. Horizontal Collaboration

  8. Soul of the Sword

  9. Something to Live For

    [Review to Come]

Total Tally: 25 Books Read this Month


Favorite Posts from around the book blogger-verse

These are most certainly not all the great posts I’ve seen but they’re the ones that I did recall the most, and trust me, I’ve seen some amazing content this month, it was a bit overwhelming to try and pick lol.


What I’ve Posted


I had so much fun attending my first book event, Cymera Festival! I had a lot of blog tours and I came up with some new things, Thriller Thursdays and Comparing Notes (Comparing Notes will be monthly for now so July will have a new post to roll out on that) I also didn’t post for like 6/7 days out of the month and it was nice to have those days off! I can’t wait to see what July brings!

**And That’s a wrap! I’m off to go nap now. If you click on the pics this time you’ll be directed to my GR review, and clicking on the title of the book will give you my blog post review if there is one for the book. I know I read a lot of 4/5 star books this month, but it was a really good month for reading, and I have no regrets on loving so many reads this go!**




18 replies on “June Rewind”

I love wrap-up posts because I feel like I miss so much throughout the month! Will definitely be checking out your How to Email a Book Blogger Post!

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*screams* Ahhh !!! Thank you so much to have included my post !!! Why haven’t I received the ping?? That’s odd 🤔 (yes, you did link it right ! so idk.. my Wp must have ate it xD)

June was indeed a good month for you, hoping July would be even better ! xx
The cover of “Something to live for” is so pretty, and SCREAMS at me, I’m eager to see your review on that one.

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Can I have your reading powers please xD The most I’ve ever managed to read in a month is 14…I think possibly 16 but yeah that was just after finishing my GCSE’s hehe. Hope you have an awesome July, and was the nap good?


omg The Path Keeper, The Chosen, Kingdom of Exiles, The Red Labyrinth, and Shadow of the Fox are all books I want to read. Haha, thanks for reminding me about them–what a coincidence. ALSO, Heart of Stone, and The Ice House, have super interesting covers. I’m going to have to check ’em out! 

Great post.

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