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The Summer Shift

Hey all!

Yesterday was so exhausting I just couldn’t summon a post, we saw five properties and a vet appointment, juggled the sleepover with it and having not slept great the night before… was just a household of grumpiness and naps after we were done running around.


We had to chase my dog down and try and get her pee.

I/We did it.

I’m also down a Tupperware container.

That dog needs to appreciate my love for her.

But that’s not what this post is about, it’s about a shift in my posting frequency with the impending loom of summer over us. I have a friend coming to visit for a couple of weeks in June and I’ll have prewritten posts for book tours, one of the reasons I’m participating in so many over June is because of her coming so this keeps me on track, and you can expect maybe 5 posts a week for June and July and August, but sometimes it may be as low as 3 for a week or two if we are moving house.

I would rather cut down posting amount than to make myself get into a slump because I pushed myself too hard. I’m still just starting out compared to a lot so I’d like to be in this longer than like six months haha I intend to stick around and bother you all for a long while.

Tomorrow I’ll put up my review for The Favorite Daughter which has totally been one of my favorite reads of the year and at least two more reviews this coming week!

But enough about me, how are you all doing? Any summer plans? Are you ready for the heat?

By TheCaffeinatedReader

A Caffeinated Reader and Musician, destined to write lacklustre book reviews with the over-ample amount of free time.

3 replies on “The Summer Shift”

NOT THE TUPPERWARE CONTAINER, HALEY. Your dog better appreciate your love because TUPPERWARE. YOU SACRIFICED TUPPERWARE. *pat pat* Good luck with moving, and don’t worry about posting and overwhelming yourself because I’d rather you be around to bother me for more than the few months that you’ve been around or I’m going to be a very sad veteran blogger. (Here goes Haley, like all the other bloggers in the past that I used to interact on their blogs. May her life be amazing outside of blogging and stress free.)


quality and consistency over quantity for sure! and your mental health above all – we would definitely prefer to have you around for a long while too 💕

before I left the state I go to university in, it was warm for maybe a couple weeks each in March and April but then went back to chilly for some reason? and since I’ve been home it’s still been pretty mild, though I prefer cold to heat so I’m not looking forward to the inevitable heat waves ☀️

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