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Book Vs. Book. Vs. Book

Title catch your eye?

If you follow me on twitter you may have seen me having a small rant about people being elitists about their mediums of reading.

Let’s take a look at this conundrum:

I just chose this book at random and it’s on my tbr so you know, there’s that. But that’s not the point.

One of these is the Kindle edition cover, one is the paperback edition cover, and one is obviously the audible’s audio version’s cover. I say obviously because it says performed by the author on the last one and it’s literally the only picture with any sort of difference. But do you know what?

All 3 have the same damn content.

Let’s let that sink in.

All 3 have the same content. They’re all the same BOOK.

Okay, most of you didn’t need this repeated a second time because I know a lot book people aren’t elitists (or rather I hope so, please don’t shred my hope guys lol).

As someone who loves sniffing pages like some weird teen trying to get a high from spray paint, I know where people are coming from when they say they prefer real books.

As someone who travels frequently and has a lot of times to just whip out her phone or eReader to read, I understand where people are coming from who prefer their electronic readers. [When I’m talking about books that aren’t eARCs I read mostly physical but I utilize my Kindle(s) A LOT.]

As someone who has had to do a crap ton of driving in her life, I can understand why people would want audiobooks. [They’re the only method of reading I don’t use, but, uh, that’s not because I’m ‘above’ it, that is just my preference]

So, seeing people in Twitter being like:

O,h I could NEVER trade my real books for a KINDLE, why would I ever want to do such a horrible thing?

I’m sorry, but quite frankly, get bent. Your method of reading isn’t any better and people have their reasons, some people don’t have access to physical books so they may not even prefer a Kindle or an audible but it’s the only method of reading, and what, you’re going to make them feel bad?

How about being sincere? ‘I’d like to know your reasons for preferring an audiobook or Kindle, as someone who prefers physical books, I’m curious to know.’

And guess what? No one needs to have a reason to prefer a reading medium. they might just like it more, and that alone is enough.

Some people can’t read on screens and guess what they don’t need to be harassed, and some people can only really get into reading by listening to audiobooks, and guess what, anyone being harassed is just not going to be as eager to share their love of reading and how utterly crappy is that?

And I know it seems like I’m singling out people who prefer physical books, I’m not.  It is just that unfortunately, in MY case, on my twitter these are the only ones that pop up but don’t you get me wrong if I see any other reading medium elitist, I’m going to give them hell too.

Everyone is allowed to have their preferences but no one is allowed to belittle another for their preference. You don’t get to act pretentious, you don’t get to sit there laughing at their ‘poor choice’ because that just makes you look like a big twat-nugget. Oh yeah, I went there. Pardon my language.

I’m just really irritated this week and this just was a bit of exasperation for me.

The world needs more readers, by any means possible, a world filled with book lovers is the kind of place I want to be and that means we just need to stop being picky about what kind of readers they are.

Do they use a nook? Great!

Paperbacks only? Fantastic!

Still rockin’ the audio CDs? Hell yea!

And you know, just so we know that at some point I’ll tackle this too:

Do you love smutty romances? I will hunt down Harlequin-esque novels for you

Comics/Graphic Novels/Manga only? Great, let’s talk shop, give me your recs.

Nonfiction? My god do you even exist lol? Because I could use people to talk nonfiction with

You get the point, if I did this with all the genres we’d be here until we look like this:

I guess at the heart of my little rant, what I really want to make clear is, please, PLEASE don’t put others down for how they choose to enjoy books, and please, please, PLEASE, if you have been put down, know that it’s not right or okay, that you’re still a reader and you are very valid to the book community. [And if you are ever made to feel bad, you send them to me, I shall politely and firmly tell them they’re being an ass]

Go forth and read!!!



By TheCaffeinatedReader

A Caffeinated Reader and Musician, destined to write lacklustre book reviews with the over-ample amount of free time.

32 replies on “Book Vs. Book. Vs. Book”

I totally agree with you. I hate when people put down other people’s preferred way to read. IT’S ALL READING! I do all three methods. Great post!

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I feel you. As a non-English native, Kindle is so helpful because I can get cheaper books and the integrated dictionary is HEAVEN. I don’t personally use audiobooks (can’t concentrate, my mind just stops listening) but they can be extremely helpful! My mom can’t read a lot anymore cause she’s old, but she can still sit through half an hour of audiobook how great is that? People going on with the “only physical copies is real reading” always look like they want to look “intellectuals” to me, but if you care about reading than there is nothing more important than giving people the means to do it.
(btw I am a huge non-fiction reader and yes it seems no one blogs about them, lol)

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Yes! I still use the dicitonary and I’m a native English speaker lolol, but there are so many benefits to kindles and audiobooks and it’s time we just let people read however they like to read lol. And I totally agree with you about them possibly wanting to look like ‘intellectuals.’ Also. We need to talk shop about some nonfiction then! I’d love to know what nonfiction books you love to read.

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Can I just say that I love this post?
Until last month I never used a Kindle, not because I’m elitist but because I just didn’t wanna stop buying paperbacks (Because that’s exactly what is happening now since I have a Kindle, E-books are cheaper and mom wouldn’t let me buy paperbacks)
Honestly, not everyone can afford so many paperbacks. I read at least 50 books a year and books are at least Rs. 500 so that Rs. 25,000 in which I can afford two Kindles and that’s crazy!!!! So, well, now that I think of it, I’m glad I bought a Kindle.
Plus, so many people can’t buy physical books because it is hard to get them delivered to their countries… So, how can you be so inconsiderate and hate on them for buying Kindles?!
As you said, they all have the same content so it shouldn’t matter.
Great post! xx

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I think the absolute best part of e-books is they don’t take up half a house lol, I love it. And I get you, I’m a huge reader as well and my wallet cannot keep up lol. Now if only we can make publishing laws just relax so all ebooks are available everywhere! And thanks so much for such a great comment, Jayati!!

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Haha, yeah. My room at home is just filled with books.
Oh, yes, that would be great. Plus, if preorder incentives became available with e-books too, it would be a dream come true!

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Completely agreed and I think the whole argument amongst readers is getting completely out of hand. First of all it really isn’t anyone’s business to comment and second who the hell cares. Don’t you have enough going on in your own life to keep you busy? Or do you really need to go on unneeded tantrums to others about how they choose to read?

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This is such a great post! I’m not usually into audiobooks, but I listened to some earlier in the year and really enjoyed them. I get that some people don’t like reading on a screen – I don’t either, it makes my eyes hurt – but I adore my kindle when I get use out of her, especially because I have the style that isn’t backlit. Some people are SO snobby about how and what they read… there really is no point getting so worked up about it.

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Thank you! I only have one audiobook I listen to, admittedly to help me fall asleep as it’s a favorite of mine, but I’d like to try and get more into them especially for travelling, I really do hate when people are snobby about reading, it is just the worst.

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I’ll talk all the books, in all the forms. I hate that Bookstagram makes me feel this is wrong sometimes too! Like I need the latest, best HARDBACK to get likes/follows. *sighs into the void that is social media*

Love this post. 🙌🏻

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Yes! The only reason I don’t read a Kindle is because of migraines, and I don’t listen to audio books becasue I have no attention span when it comes to words, but for other people these are the better reading methods so it all comes down to personal preference. At the end of the day a story is a story, regardless of how you read it (and I bet those people above Kindles read the news on their phone or tablet instead of in paper form)

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I do have to be careful with too much backlight on my kindle, I’ll forget and then boom, I’m stuck with watery eyes and wondering why I can’t use common sense to switch to a physical book or my old kindle with no backlight lol. And you’re right! a story is a story at the end, and hahaha good point! They use twitter, they probably are using technology for the news, so, they have no room to talk lol

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I sometimes read nonfiction, depends on the topic and content involved in said book though if it’s non fiction. Also hi, paperback only here. I agree with everything you said honestly, whilst I read exclusively physical books. I’ve read one full ebook in my life so far and I’ve dabbled with reading on a kindle. I honestly struggle so much with it, also I spend a high proportion of time staring at electronic screens anyway. Reading is my break from that, I’ve yet to try audiobooks but I have been getting into podcasts slowly. I’m just HIGHLY wary of audiobooks because what if the narrator ruins the book for me? Also a lot of audiobooks are over 5 hours long…well I can read the same book in physical copy in about 3-4 hours if its between 300-400 pages give or take. So to me…I find it easier to read physical books. Not just that I don’t really have a device to read ebooks on and I’d rather buy my books and stare at them on my shelves then have them hidden away on a device.

But on the flip side, I love that these formats allow so many people to get to enjoy the same story, when they wouldn’t otherwise be able to. I may choose and prefer my paperbacks (I don’t like dust jackets ahem and paperbacks are cheaper) – but there are so many readers out there who need and rely on ebooks for commutes or to help with dyslexia. Audiobooks are helpful for those who are travelling, in the car, maybe you’re tidying and want to read. Audiobook it. Just because you don’t do something, doesn’t like give you the right to come off as a total physical book snob to others. Am I right Haley, or am I right? xD Loved this post so much

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You’re right and you’re right Clo ;D but honestly, we all have our preferences and it’s cool, we’re all readers. I can totally understand why you don’t use a kindle 🙂 and I feel the same with the audiobook, I feel like it would drag on for me cause I would read it faster XD but I’m hoping to get into audiobooks more, it would be nice to listen to them on planes 😀


Twat-nugget is excellent and I’ll definitely be stealing that. Great post, I understand people who ask for reasons as to why you don’t read physical books are trying to be polite but they need to understand that people shouldn’t have to give reasons. Maybe they just want to read ebooks or Audiobooks. No one ever asks someone why they read physical books. It’s 2019, people really need to get over it.

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Haha! Feel free to use any insults I ever put in blog form. I love your last line because you’re 150% right, people really just need to get over it. We can all read how we want lol I feel we’re far enough into the future that this shouldn’t be happening lol

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I completely relate, Haley! as an out-of-state college student I read mostly on my Kindle (and digital textbooks on my computer) because it’s the most convenient and economical option, but like a lot of people I would LOVE to have a huge personal library to just stand in the middle of it and breathe in that intoxicating book smell. and in an ideal world, I would listen to audiobooks while working out or commuting, though in this one I just can’t focus on the story without the accompanying visual of the text. the differences in opinion and just accessibility are so significant, and honestly … it’s 2019, why is this still something we have to “debate”??

also 100% agree about genres, too; I’ve heard so many stories from people who got discouraged and even stopped reading because people couldn’t just let them enjoy the books they liked. also, hi, I read nonfiction too! (ish. sometimes. not so much recently, haha.)

reading is reading is reading. end of story. (pun totally intended 😜)

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When I moved from the U.S. to the U.K., we spent 3k on the move and most of it was books and my daughter’s stuff lol, and well, it made me realize that maybe it’s not such a bad idea to have more Kindle books and less real books (saying that though, my collection has grown still anyway despite how carefully I try to cull it, bah humbug).

And let’s hope this debate dies by 2020, lol I know that’s pretty optimistic of me, but, I really hope so. And I hate when people feel discouraged, for me, I think if we weren’t so judgy we’d also have books put in the right genres without trying to hide them in other genres and then they’d probably do better. Baaaaaah humbug again. And I think that the pun was perfect lol.

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