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Thank you, Samfor the tag!! ❤ If you don’t follow her, go do so, she’s amazing and awesome and so are her posts.

  1. I play 8 instruments. [Well, you don’t play your voice but is technically an instrument, damn it] My main instrument was voice with violin and piano as my minor instruments.
  2. I am not quite nearly bilingual but almost there. My Pops speaks Spanish, our family is Tejano on his side, we were there [in Texas] before the fake cowboys 😉 and my Mother speaks Italian. I can read and write Spanish better than I speak it and like most lazy children of ethnically diverse families, I understand what my parents say to me in Spanish, I just answer in English. This also drove my Spanish grammar professor insane. I don’t know how he didn’t harpoon me. Oh, that’s right, I have a minor in Spanish. Ironically enough I can pronounce everything under the sun in Italian but I don’t always know what I’m saying buahaha. So my Italian skills are not nearly as good as my Spanish ones.
  3. I was a substitute teacher. I mostly filled in for history classes (another minor of mine, oh yes I had two minors on my degree and two minor instruments) I hated it at first but in the end, was quite sad to leave my students. I speak teenager (I.E.: We had movie Fridays and they knew the drill, ‘snitches get stitches just not from me’)
  4. I am half Italian, half Tejano/Mexican and I am pale as the moon with dark auburn hair. (Which used to be just red) So you know, I got some weird looks at family reunions from the distant cousins I never met, a lot of ‘Enrique, who is this?’ ‘Uh…that’s my daughter, you know, the third one in the line up’
  5. I have spent the majority of my young adult life as a single mom. I only have had a partner in raising my daughter since meeting my husband (and this is still a new process to us, the whole family unit of mom, dad, and spawn)[For those curious, got married super early, he was a douche canoe who doesn’t try to contact so, eh]
  6. I have sung on stage with Gil McKinney, Sam and Dean’s handsome gramps on Supernatural. AND. He complimented me on my harmonies, there’s a video floating around on Tumblr of it lmfao.
  7. I like to cook. But I fuckin hate baking. I will walk 4 miles for a cupcake before I whip some up. I don’t know why you all would want to know this, but now you do.

I honestly am not sure I could list 15 blogs that haven’t been tagged, so I’m just going to tag people I’m not sure have done it and we’ll see how many I get. [If you’ve done it already or don’t want to, ignore this! If you want to and you’re not tagged, let me know and I’ll tag you!]


By TheCaffeinatedReader

A Caffeinated Reader and Musician, destined to write lacklustre book reviews with the over-ample amount of free time.

14 replies on “Versatile Blogger Award”

I’ve always found baking to be very stressful, too much involved whereas cooking Idk, I guess I know my way enough with it that if I fudge something up I’m comfortable in my ability to fix it XD Baking just ends in disaster for me lolol. Also, I play piano, harp, flute, violin, cello, pennywhistle (think of Celtic music), guitar, and lastly, singing 🙂

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I think I get what you mean.
And, oh my god, that’s a lot. I am freaking out!
I’d love to hear you play and/or sing some day. I wonder how you learnt to play so many instruments. I applaud you! xx

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My sister loves to bake, but hates to cook lol, it’s great that you love both and find them relaxing! Once I learned violin the rest came easy because of reading music, I’m always quick to pick up an instrument, but quick to put it down too X’D

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YOU DID??! YOU SANG WITH HIM!??! UGH! So jealous!!! And you play 8 instruments? I can’t even fully play one … so talented.

I think that’s so amazing of you being a single mom and waiting for the right guy. I can’t even imagine. My mom is literally my best friend and she did (and still does) SO much for me; a lot of sacrifices. Great on you, hun.

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Awesome list of facts about you. oh daaamn – EIGHT. INTRUMENTS.!!! That is so insane and cool!! Meanwhile i cannot even play one ahaha 😂😅 Woops.

Also, kudos to you for all the years as a single parent ❤️❤️

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Wow, 8 instruments! I agree that your voice is an instrument. YOU’RE not playing it, but I guess your body is??? I used to play the violin, but I’d say my voice is my main instrument (even though it’s been years since I’ve sung).

And OMG you sung with Gil McKinney why are you not famous Haley. That has got to be the coolest fact about you. Well, one of them.

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Sophia. SOPHIA. Here me out, musical bookworm duo, we travel around singing parts from our fave books and playing very simple violin parts. WE COULD BE RICH!

Haha, it was only on the karaoke Saturday of the convention but it was a real highlight of my life XD


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