Dragon River – Blog Tour

    GoodReads: This story has everything: A boy who turns into a dragon... and back again. The longest most boring train ride ever. Bully boys, making stuff and a near disaster on the river There‚Äôs even magic, 2 court cases, a plane ride and a song Join the Drakko family, the nasty Purkisses, teacher… Continue reading Dragon River – Blog Tour

A Dare for a Hare – Blog Tour

    GoodReads: I'm Harvey, so there! As brave as a bear! Nothing can scare me. I'm the world's bravest hare! Harvey the hare sets out to prove that he's as brave as a bear in this warm and heart-felt story. But little does he know that his big brother Buster is right there behind… Continue reading A Dare for a Hare – Blog Tour