Illumicrate September 2019 Unboxing!


Oh look…I’ve already gotten another book box.

I am now addicted, clearly, and I’m okay with this.

Also, I HAD to get this box when I realized what the book was, and I’m out to get about every edition I can get my hands on of this book as I love it that much.


Watch out because this unboxing means spoilers and if you don’t want any, then look awaaaaay.



First reaction: Gimme gimme gimme…*thanks postman and scurries to the living room with my prize*




Theme: High Stakes




 Oooh this is cool, now, I want to get to the thiiiiings




SCARF. I have not read Carry On, but, I love this scarf so much I now need to read it





*Screeches* I still need to read This Mortal Coil, but I’m super excited because I was just about to buy a lanyard.




Another Ember in the Ashes themed item….perhaps this is a sign to read this as well




IT’S KATNISS!!!! *Runs around holding up coin as if it is gold*








[Apparently, I’ve never read books, because here’s yet another on my tbr I haven’t gotten to yet.]IMG-5095.JPG


*Strokes the cup* My Preciousssssss







You all have no idea how happy I was, I was dancing around like Rumplestiltskin while holding this beauty. The cover isn’t ‘special’ compared to the regular UK edition so I didn’t take a picture of that, but I decided it needed a budy photo with my Goldsboro edition…so….I give you this amazing little smol stack pic.



There we go! My first Illumicrate unboxing!

[Just to let you all know, I’m DISO of the UK Arc of this, I loved this book so much and I don’t have much to trade but I have a couple of things, and I’m happy to buy someone an item off their book wishlist in exchange for this book!]

Books VS Their TV Series

Hey guys, decided to do something new again.

I’m going to go through a few Books and their TV adaptations, tell you which one I prefer or if it’s a tie (or neither, who knows, maybe I’ll go crazy with it)/

I’ll do 6 today.


1. Good Omens

Verdict: It’s a Tie

Don’t judge me one way or another, they’re both brilliant, damn it.


2. The Mortal Instruments

Verdict: Books

I actually do like the TV series, wouldn’t say I love it beyond all anything but let’s face it, Magnus gives me life in that. I still prefer the books at the end of the day though.


3.  How To Train Your Dragon [Dreamworks Dragons]

Verdict: TV Series

I haven’t read all the books yet, daughter and I are reading the first, but so far I’ve gotten the idea the characters may be better in the show [and movies too of course but this is about TV todaaaaay]. Not to mention. Astrid.


4. Watership Down [LOST]

Verdict: It’s a tie

Okay, hear me out. It’s not noted as an adaptation but it basically is, the directors used Watership Down as a heavy influence and source of inspiration and if you’ve watched the show and read the book, it makes total sense. Despite people hating the last season of LOST, I really enjoyed it, though I would say it definitely deviates from the book after about season 4/5.


5. Thirteen Reasons Why

Verdict: Book

I don’t hate the TV series, and in fact, don’t yell at me please, I haven’t read the book but part of the reason for that is because I assumed it was like the TV series until someone told me the differences. I think the TV Series could be something important for YA, I just think that the book is enough…but…hey, sometimes people need the show.



6.  Game of Thrones

Verdict: TV Series

Reasoning? I love the books, but I am that bitter that the series isn’t finished yet. I mean the author doesn’t owe us anything, but despite the ending to the show [and I still need to watch the final season], I just feel like at least the show has an ending! Not to mention the first couple of seasons are dead ringers for the books, it’s kinda incredible.


Alright guys, that’s it for me today, expect six more at some point, eventually, in some future.

What are shows or books you prefer? Any of these you agree or disagree with? Tell me in the comments!