Rural Blogging

Well, here we are, a really different blogging situation than I'm used to, just, rural living at it's best. And worst. I was really privileged to have pretty god and fast net, and to be able to afford it, and now, well, still have the internet so I'm quite lucky in that regards but the… Continue reading Rural Blogging

When Words Aren’t Enough

I've been in just a mire of drama lately in my personal life, this blog and the bookish community has been a great escape, but when I get under this sort of pressure I tend to slump in my reading. Sometimes, just sometimes, words are not enough. I sit here, and I want to write… Continue reading When Words Aren’t Enough

Content/Trigger Warnings

This really isn't a post to rant or to discuss if they're needed or not. I'm not here to stir the pot as they say. I just want to say that I think it's ludicrous to even argue about it. Have you ever picked up a movie? What does a movie typically have on its… Continue reading Content/Trigger Warnings

Cymera 2- Discussion Post: Monsters

Eris Young asked Lesley Glaister and Alexandra Christo, 'what makes a creature or monster?' That question took me a bit off guard, I mean we could all give the obvious answers about physiology but Eris obviously was digging deeper than that as both characters aren't strictly/particularly human in either book the authors were discussing. I… Continue reading Cymera 2- Discussion Post: Monsters

Comparing Notes

  Hey all! This is it!!! The FIRST in the series, Comparing Notes. I had this in mind for a couple of months, it was inspired by the fact my friend Neda and I both read The Fever King and had completely different reading experiences. It kinda made me remember that we all have varied… Continue reading Comparing Notes

Supporting Authors & Supporting ‘Us’

This post I guess is more of just a discussion post, but I'd like to add that on any of my posts whether I say so or not, I want you to drop your opinions like they're hot. Because I trust you all can be civil and I trust I can be civil so even… Continue reading Supporting Authors & Supporting ‘Us’