BEAutumn – Spell List


Hey everyone! Today’s BE Autumn prompt and featured image come to you from the awesome Lauren @ Northern Plunder. You can check out her cool spell list by clicking on her link!

Thanks to Sam and Clo for putting together such a fun and awesome even as BookEnding and I am so happy to be participating in BE Autumn!!


My second day hosting a prompt for #BEAutumn2019 brings you Spell List, also it’s my 4th post of Blogtober!

So what can you expect from today’s prompt? It’s time for you to get creative and share your spells! We’re all familiar with Book Spine Poetry by now. No? Stack up your books in an order that allows the titles to create a poem.

For this prompt we’re using horror or Halloween themed books (if possible) to line up and create Book Spine Spells!

So! Now, let’s get started! I’m so excited to see what poetry I can come up with.


War Girls, We Hunt the Flame, Impossible Causes
The Girl in the Tower, Doing Time”



The Deathless Girls, The White Light of Tomorrow
The Sea without a Shore”



….Damn it, didn’t realize this one was blurry until I stuck it on here, well, pfffft. It’s staying.

Dark Shores, White Lies
The Secrets we Kept”

Are you all doing this? It was so much fun!!! I wish I had done this before!