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Certain Dark Things Review

Welcome to Mexico City, an oasis in a sea of vampires. 


My Review

What can I say other than I’m such a huge fan of Moreno-Garcia? I was really excited to read this, a vampire book set in Mexico city using folk lore and ancient history?


First off, the author does a brilliant job of making different subsets of vampires, there are different ones from different parts of the world and it is AMAZING. I mean I didn’t even know I needed all these different types of vampires in one novel until reading this.

The creativity in the world-building regarding vampires was by far my favorite part. Next was the fact that she met ancient history with modern day flawlessly and gives us a small push into the future.

Mexico City may have a drug problem that certainly isn’t helped by vampire drug families, but it doesn’t have a vampire problem itself. They’ve been pushed back but the rest of the country isn’t so lucky. When European countries and other countries began to mass exodus their vampires, many of them found their way to Mexico and some were always there.

I loved our main vampire, Atl and how she interacted with Domingo.

Domingo is sweet and naive and a nice contrast to Atl who is hardened emotionally and through experience.

Pacing is steady if not a little slow but it’s not a very long novel so it’s not too bad.

The story itself is hashed out exactly to where it needed to be by the end and it’s a pretty satisfying ending.

This time I didn’t really connect with any of the characters so that’s probably why I didn’t just go crazy with five cups like I usually do with her books. I don’t think it’s as much character driven as plot driven, though it’s obvious this is a story about Domingo and Atl, I just didn’t find a possible romance very convincing though I did love their interactions and their ‘relationship’ in general! (This is not a romance novel though by any means, there’s some romance, but it’s not the focus, their development together as characters is more of the focus.)

I think this is such a great change of pace to other vampire novels out there and I definitely would recommend this to Moreno-Garcia fans or those wanting to broaden their vampire horizons!

4/5 Cups of coffee from me, glad I could say I got this off my TBR and can’t wait to read my next book by her!

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