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Blood Solace eARC Review

If they reunite, a magical war could tear the kingdom apart…


My Review

Cassia and Lio have been torn apart by the final events of Blood Mercy, but Cassia doesn’t know that she’s Lio’s Grace and unable to be without her for too long.

Where most Hesperines last days, Lio has gone six months without Cassia.

Meanwhile Cassia has been risking her own life to try and help the Hesperines and Tenebra itself because the King does not have his people or the country’s best interest at heart and will spur another war to get what he wants.

This may have been even slower than the first book, which is still nice but because the plot of this isn’t as tense as the first one, it doesn’t give you any sense of urgency.

Cassia’s plotting is amazing and I greatly enjoyed seeing how far her reach extended. She had so many players/pieces in her game to save her people and Lio’s and what did give you a sense of urgency was will and when the King will find out. We know what happened to the last of his blood who schemed against him to save people, so I will say there’s a bit of urgency there.

Roth extends her world building, and we are now getting a chance to see Orthos. It was also very nice to see the Hesperines that we’d only heard of in the previous book.

There’s an onslaught of characters and that may be a lot to keep track of but never fear the more we see their names the easier it gets to keep up. [Unlike Martin who seems to delight in similar sounding names by the thousands…….Not that I’m complaining…..much]

The pacing stilts into an almost peaceful lull from 50% onward. We were building to something before that and there’s a quick resolve in this novel of the major tension whereas it stretched to the end in the first one. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing to work towards for the ending of this sequel, just that it’s not the epic conclusion -or cliff hanger- of book 1.

Cassia and Lio are surely in for some dangerous antics next book and it does feel a bit like this was all building up to Blood Sanctuary so I’m looking forward to reading that with Heart’s Content and you can find her review for Blood Mercy in this link underlined.

I personally enjoyed seeing Orthos and the Hesperines the most, I’m very curious about how Cassia and Lio will act next to try and prevent the war that her father is so determined to bring.

4.5/5 Cups of coffee from me, thank you so much to the Author for an eARC in exchange for my honest review.

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Giggle** The last four percent is really memorable. I had so much fun reading with you and I’m excited to see what VR does with the third book! Can you believe it’s a ten book series. ❤ Love your series! We’ve outlined similar points!

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