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A Far Wilder Magic eARC Review



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Guess what really wasn’t about a magical secret or a mythical hunt.

*Crickets chirp*

Just wanted to sob ‘disappointment’ sadly as I finished reading this.

The pacing was not what I expected given the book blurb.

There’s really not much of a team up between the characters, there’s not much action and pretty much was a glacial story that was a romance.

I’m not mushy, we know this. I can dig a romance, I’m not completely heartless but because I went into this expecting more of a focus on other stuff too, it was too much for me to adjust to the drastic change in expectations

Allison Saft has some gorgeous writing but I could not find it within me to care about the love between these two. The young dude is annoying the young dudette is a little too enshrouded in mystery to the point where I just didn’t even get to know her so I was baffled by the love.

I will say she did a great job in descriptions and I felt the most interesting part was Maggie’s relationship with her mom.

The secret part was not as…shocking as I expected? I understood where the person who’s secret is, is coming from…I just…*shrugs.*

If you like slow stories with lots of romance this is definitely a book for you. Keep in mind though that the MCs are young and they act like it, like you want to just be like ‘wtf is happening’ sometimes until you remember their ages. They’re not infantile or anything lol.

Oh did I mention the hunt comes in at 92%?

*Deadpan stares*

So for me, who loves slow moving books, this was…this was painful because I had been so excited for the hunt, kept reading to get to it and…92%. I was ready to sob. It was so little a factor in it all, so was the fox, and the magic, and the secret…

3/5 Cups of coffee from me for the pretty writing but this was not a story for me. Thank you so much to the publisher and NetGalley for an eARC for this in exchange for my honest opinion.

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