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5 Wintry Books to Add to Your TBR

Well I couldn’t help myself, here are some books that are NOT Christmas oriented but perfect for this season of cold for us in the Northern hemisphere.

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Very much a wintry read, I’m definitely waiting to read the sequel. So hurry up time! Check out my review here.

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A darker romance read and not without its faults for a lot of people but idk I just adore it and it’s definitely got winter vibing Check out my review here.

Book Cover

You want something that is amazing, wintry, and filled with amazing Polish myths and lore? I present to you this gem. Check out my review here.

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I know. this isn’t really fitting the rest of the list, it’s a pure romance, but the focus is a lot on the plot (just in case that deters/interests you to it) and it’s set in the coldest of settings ever with absolute crazy pacing that keeps you on the edge of your seat while wanting a hot beverage at hand just like the first book, this is a sequel and not entirely necessary to read the first book but you may as well lol.

My yearly reminder to read this trilogy:
I cheated, THAT’S RIGHT. MY BlOG MY RULES, MUAHAHA. Honestly I just want to say that any ONE of these three amazing books would fit great for a wintry read. If you haven’t read any of them, the Winternight trilogy is magic, cold ice and snow, and a plot that will utterly captivate you from book one to three, but starting at one doesn’t hurt lol. Check out my review for Winter of the Witch here

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