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Christmas TBR and Book Recommendations

If you don’t celebrate Christmas, I’m so sorry this post will probably be boring, but luckily you can quickly exit out of this before I slam you with a barrage of books. Unless you’re curious/just like Xmas books, then please stick around, I know I definitely love learning about other holidays and want to add any holiday centered books to my tbr lol but that’s just because I’m a festive wench.

Christmas Mystery/Thriller

Feel Good/Cozy Christmas Reads

The Good Bear is also a great MG pick

Cute Christmas Romances

Christmas Classics

Children Christmas Books

My Christmas TBR

** ADDED **

I realize my list is pretty lacking, it was stuff I grew up with aside from a few books I had read to spawn that I couldn’t remember the titles for, from the library. So I did some hunting and realized someone already made the perfect list for what I wanted to add. This is a great list they’ve cultivated so please check this out if you have the time and are looking for more children’s books!

Any Christmas books on your TBR? Any recs for me/the spawn? Let me know! OR tell me your favorite holiday and a book including it ❤

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