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Diana and the Underworld Odyssey

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Diana will travel to the Underworld to take on Hades–but will she make it out alive?

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After Diana thwarts a stunning attempt to defeat the Amazons and Themyscira for good, she has finally been granted permission to start training as a warrior! Except, the goddess Artemis brings news that children all over are disappearing without a trace. Diana is the only one who can be trusted to save them–even if she must confront Hades, Persephone, and all of the undead souls and mythical creatures of the Underworld. That is, until she discovers that a far more sinister villain is out to capture her–and will do whatever it takes to find her. With her warrior training barely underway, will young Wonder Woman be able to rely on her strength from within to save the missing children and defeat Hades? Or will she instead be dragged to the Underworld–forever?

My Review

Mini-Review for Book 1 Here

We return with Diana as her and her best friend Sakina return from their harrowing adventure on the Island of No Return but before things can go back to normal, trouble strikes again.

Diana has no idea what’s happened to Sakina and Themyscira is no longer as safe as she once thought. Things are getting more complicated and Diana has no idea who ‘he’ is but it seems he’ll stop at nothing to get to her, but, she’s got a more important mission first. Rescue her best friend.

The pacing in this one is faster than in the first book but it also is building on top of it and pressing forward. There are mysteries to be solved and missing children and we’ve already had the groundwork of Diana and Themyscira laid out in the previous book. I actually enjoyed this one more than the first, and in the end, the spawn loved both equally.

We both really enjoyed having the gods in this and a certain mythical companion Diana gains in this book. Diana is also having to work more independently, she gets help along the way from various people and creatures but it’s all about her independence in this. Especially as many adults don’t listen or believe her because they don’t value her opinion as a child.

The Underworld was so well done and honestly my favorite part of the book! I’m glad Diana had her adventures down there and the build up of what happened in this book promises for a really fantastic third book!

If you enjoy Middle Grade/have MG readers, I strongly recommend this book! 5/5 Cups of coffee from the spawn and I!

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