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I thought I would do something fun today, well, hopefully fun for you all, definitely fun for me. I really got into bookish pins and I enjoy collecting them so much so I thought I would share my collection with you all.

WARNING: There is a Harry Potter pin hoop and pins, I’ve put it last so that you can scroll through the others if you want to avoid it and I’ll put a spacer between it and the others. I don’t buy the pins much anymore but if I do they’re never ones that have money going to JK.

Let’s get started!!

So here’s my scifi banner, the hoop is from Illumicrate’s August box and its quote is from Illuminae. I really love scifi and I didn’t hunt down any of the pins here really excite the Dirt Child pin from Pinned with Starlight and the Star Wars pins from Illumicrate’s box by FableandBlack. Some were just preorder incentives like the lovely one in the top left from First a Phoenix Must Burn. The feather and hearts are from Maura Milan’s Ignite the Stars books.

This is my favorite pin banner that I own and in fact I have two of them. These were all preorders except for Owlcrate’s Phoenix rider pin from their box that featured Crown of Feathers and the witcher pin, I did preorder, but from ChiquiCreates, they have some lovely pins and preorder their new designs for people. I did buy the King of Scars pin off depop only because I’ve preordered the second book and wanted both pins lol and I did end up also buying the CC preorder pin off someone on a splurge.

This was the first pin banner that I bought! How cute, that I thought one would contain me. This is a lot of sea/water themed pins as well as a few that just didn’t fit anywhere else at the moment. Like the crown pin from The Queen’s Assassin and the Cinderella is Dead preorder. The storm clouds is from Girls of Storm and Shadow, the crocodile is Sobek and from a kickstarter.

Let’s start off with admiring this pin banner, Felfira Moon Designs did it and it’s AMAZING. I wish I had bought like four of these, though I do have one coming in the next month or so from her. This banner has a variety of things but. I bought it with The Cruel Prince in mind and that’s the bottom half of it really. (Aside from the Guinevere Deception pin hiding in the right corner). I definitely got obsessed with this trilogy and couldn’t help myself. I was super happy though because I also got some beautiful floral themed pins on it too from books like The Bear and the Nightingale and Addie LaRue.

Another favorite banner of mine, inspired by The Beautiful from a Fairyloot box, this one I went to town with, putting all my darkest pins on, night, Halloween, tarot cards and the Darkline of course.

I told you I had two of these. Put some of my epic fantasy pins. Lord of the Rings pins from a past Illumicrate box. I have another Lord of the Rings pin (Bloomsbury Nook) and His Dark Materials (Bloomsbury Nook), Priory of the Orange Tree is also from Illumicrate and the Phoenix pin is from Owlcrate’s Heart of Flames edition (another by ChiquiCreates).

This massive and beautiful banner is from Dreamy & Co’s Daevabad box and I basically use it for Daevabad, We Hunt the Flame, and Spin the Dawn pins. So there are a lot of pins to go through but I will say the one in the middle above the roof is from TheTsundokuChronicle’s Daevabad box and the compass with the arrow is from their Muslim Shelf Space box. The Spin the Dawn dress is from NovelThreads via Blissfully Bookish and the two above it are preorders from the duology…or at least the thread is.

My Hunger Games banner, the little open space is for the Dreamy&Co pin I ordered last week. I love all of these pins so much.

Last pin banner ahead is HP for those who want to stop here! (And if you are stopping here, let me know what pins you liked, and if anyone has a question on where a pin came from/who made it, please feel free to ask!)

A lot of these, including the banner are from etsy shops, and a few were gifts from family who knew I loved HP

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A Caffeinated Reader and Musician, destined to write lacklustre book reviews with the over-ample amount of free time.

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