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In Command eARC Review

In Command: An Aunare Chronicles Novella by [Aileen Erin]


Amihanna di Aetes is in for the battle of her life if she wants the Aunare to accept her.

Amihanna di Aetes is used to fighting, surviving, and relying on her strength to get through the hard times. She thought the worst was over when she accepted her engagement to Lorne ni Taure, the High King of the Aunare, and claimed her place as the future High Queen.

It should be easy to slide into her new role. How hard can it be living in luxury with your soulmate after growing up alone on the streets?

But the more she learns about the Aunare and their politics, the more she realizes that the true test of her strength is just beginning.

My Review

I loved having a story just focusing on Amihanna and Lorne. They are my OTP after all!

There was less of them dealing with SpaceTech in this and more of dealing with their fellow Aunure and learning more about each other, to rule together. There was great development in their relationship and a lot of personal growth from Amihanna after she's been through so much already.

Amihanna has to convince the Aunure that the best way to deal with her is to accept her as a one day queen because she has experienced first hand what SpaceTech does to Halfers and Aunures, and even humans associated with them. How she goes about this with Roan was brilliant.

I was really pleased with the length of this novella, it wasn't too short and gave us a good length story that doesn't feel cut short, just makes the reader excited for the next novel!

I really enjoyed this book but now I need the next one!!

Thanks so much to the publisher & NetGalley for an eARC of this in exchange for my honest opinion. 4/5 cups of coffee from me. You can score this awesome novella tomorrow! (2/23/21)
Book Cover


Broken, beaten-down, and plagued by nightmares, Amihanna di Aetes is surrounded by the Aunare race that makes up the other half of her heritage, but she feels alien amongst them.

She’s not sure which is worse: SpaceTech’s overt hatred of Aunare or the Aunare’s covert hatred of halfers. She hears their whispers whenever she enters a room and sees her death reflected in their eyes. Amihanna doesn’t know who to trust anymore, but she hasn’t survived this long by ignoring the warning signs all around her, especially when her instincts are screaming that a familiar choice is coming: flee or fight.

Her parents assure her everything is okay—that there won’t be any reason for her to fight, let alone flee—but with Amihanna’s sudden return, questions arise among the Aunare: who should be blamed for the start of a full-scale war with SpaceTech, how much danger will the war bring, and is Amihanna truly fit to be the next high queen?

Honestly, Amihanna wants to forget all the politics, her betrothal to Lorne, and the possibility of being queen. Her needs are much more basic. All she wants is a solid night’s sleep where she doesn’t wake up screaming with the phantom pain of her skin burning. All she needs is to live without fear of a mob tearing her away from her family. All she hopes for is a chance to dream of a future instead of constantly fighting for her right to live.

And yet, somehow, everything she does leads her back to Lorne. He always seems to know when she’s about to break under the pressures of her new life. His quiet patience is wearing Amihanna’s protective walls down, and she’s terrified of what will happen if they fall.

My Review

I loved Off Planet SO MUCH, Maite was a beast and so brave that I totally fell in love with her. Unfortunately I fell out of love with her in this book, I'm so glad that Erin showed us how a person can change through events like the ones on Abbadon, that Ami/Maite was suffering from her trauma made sense. But it was like she was a completely different character.

On the plus side, she does seem to find herself again, I just wish it hadn't taken so long to get there because of how her insecurities really were the sole focus most of the time. I wish there had been more Roan but I was so glad he was there at all, and I loved the fighting and training scenes! Seriously, Erin is so great at writing action scenes, it's just as if you're watching a movie anytime she's written a fighting scene.

Ami's powers are amazing and terrifying and I look forward to seeing how she handles them, also, Lorne may be one of my favorite characters of all time now. Definitely a fun sequel, sure I was disappointed in certain things, but, I'm ready to read the next one and still found this worth a read or two! Thank you to NetGalley and the Publisher for a copy of this in exchange for my honest review. 3.5/5 Cups of coffee from me!

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