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The Dreaded TBR

Hey all! Haven’t had a discussion post in a while, so here I am doing that while the spawn is taking an online test.

I have been adjusting to some major changes and that means adjusting when and how much I read in a day, which of course can change from day to day for all of us. Sometimes it’s not because of changes but just what mood we’re in, what our schedule is like, all that jazz.

But always, never failing, my TBR seems unsurmountable.

It’s like Mount Everest, or even just a really large hill (I am not a hiker lol).

Every time I knock off a book, another or you know, ten, takes its place. And I wonder, what am I doing? Is it okay to not read all the books you ever want to read? OF COURSE THAT’S OKAY. But why in the world do I have such a long list for, and half the time, well, I don’t need a list, I look at my shelves or the store/library shelves and pick what’s calling to me and so many times those books aren’t on my actual TBR.

I also find myself adding things to my TBR that I would probably never read, this happens a lot when I go on NetGalley, but it also just happens a lot because I’m me and incapable of self control. However! Sometimes I read something I wanted to review and I finish and I wonder ‘why didn’t I pick something else I actually have been wanting to read?’ And other times I find just the book I needed at just the right time and I’m so grateful to have found so many books through NetGalley

And I just feel like I’m not the only who who does this.

I also wonder if I even really need a Want to Read/TBR list at all.

I do stick to a monthly list for those I need/want to review for the month but I also just ‘off road’ a lot and pick books randomly and read those too, I think that balance helps me and I think if I put a little less pressure on myself then maybe my TBR won’t seem so daunting, and I won’t feel like it’s necessary as a reader or as a blogger.

Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves as readers? The bookish community unites in few things, our love of reading, and daunting TBRs seem to be the big two lol

Maybe I’m just rambling. Who knows.

Do you have a TBR? Do you think we need them? Do you want to join me in sobbing over the size of your/my TBRs lol

By TheCaffeinatedReader

A Caffeinated Reader and Musician, destined to write lacklustre book reviews with the over-ample amount of free time.

6 replies on “The Dreaded TBR”

Oh man the TBR. I have a physical shelf TBR and I have my Goodreads TBR and I have like 600 books on there! It’s ridiculous! Yeah, like you, I haven’t been too good about making a dent in it, since I’ve been picking up all sorts of other stuff, but I mean, as long as we’re reading it’s all good? I don’t know. I wish I could someday bring it down to something like 200. That would be so much more manageable! But with so many exciting books coming out every week, somehow I doubt I’ll ever achieve it.
On the bright side, at least we know we’re not the only ones with this problem, right? Good luck with your TBR!

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Yes, the TBR list is a problem. I have a TBR list on Goodreads, books that I have not read at home and also books that I haven’t read as yet or really want to reread at my parent’s house. Tis a problem but I am really trying not to add any more books to my TBR list on goodreads and I could purchase a book for every 3 books that I read. THat is my plan for 2021.

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